Thursday, December 23, 2010

Church Dedication in Beerannagunta- Warangal

Pastor B. Karunakar who was saved in my ministry 15 years ago. He was active communist radical
Went to Jail for a year . When he came out of Jail he attended a Christmas outreach when Bishop was preaching the gospel he gave his heart to Lord and got saved and committed his life to the Lord. He underwent training in Ecclesia Bible college few years ago. Now ministering in Beerannagunta , New Syampet and Deendayalnagar . He is a Gospel Singer, writer and a Pastor.
So after sunday worship on Dec 19th I along with my wife and My Brother Thomas's family along with my team. Bro Thomas and also Pastor Azuba shared their greetings to the Pastor and the congregation. I gave the message and dedicated the Prayer hall.
Beerannagunta was a slum now been developed. Pray for the ministry.

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