Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pictures of Parsonage Dedication

One Block of Parsonage Bishop is Dedicating

Next Block is dedicated by Col Philip Kalyanapu

Bishop pronouncing Blessing upon the house

Rural Church Anneversary and Parsonage Dedication

Bishop Praying for the sick

Col Phil praying for the Blessings

Bishop Was garlanded and welcomed

Phil was garlanded and welcomed

On Feb 5th Myself my 2nd brother Philip Kalyanapu ( Col. US Army Retd) Travelled through rough country side roads and reached a village in Khammam District namely Gumpellagudem.
I preached the gospel in 1984 distributed gospel tracts and it never happened for me to follow up. But God gave me a promise where ever I put my feet that he will give it to me. Pastor Ratnam who is a minister in Ecclesia ministry started the worship services. And a church building was constructed two years ago on Feb 5th.
It was a joyous occasion for us. Pastor Ratnam's son Pastor Chandra Sekhar was also an ordained minister in Ecclesia was sent to this village. God blessed the Church and they could build a parsonage for the Pastor.
WE partook in the service both myself and my Brother Phil ministered the word and afterwards dedicated the Parsonage.
God really blessing the minister and the Ministry of Ecclesia Ministers kindly continue to pray for us

Monday, February 2, 2009

Silver Jubilee Building dedication of St Thomas School

Bishop Praying for the Teaching staff and also the Management of the school

Bishop dedicating the silverJubilee building complex

St Thomas High School was started in 1984 as a small Tution centre at Ghanpur a town in warangal district in AP state India. Late Mr.Christdas and Mrs Vimallamma founded this school and thier sons Lukeson and John Bunny are running this school. God has blessed this school with 2000 children. Every year high school graduates standing as the toppers in the county and also in the state of Andhra Pradesh.On Jan 2009 26th and 27 they had the silver jubilee celebrations.

Mrs Vijji and Col Philip Kalyanapu in India

John Bunny Principal of St Thomas School Ghanpur inviting Phil to preach in the Silver Jubilee service of the school

Mrs Vijji was welcoming in the Ecclesia campus Kazipet India

Bishop's family inviting Mrs and Col Philip in to their house

Food being served to the multitudes after the New year service

Indians sit on the floor and eat food in leaf plates. We cooked 8bags of Rices and adequate amount of lamb meat curry with vegetable curries and Dal( lentils)

About 70 people served the food this many people.
Every thing went well and all felt happy.

Farewell to Mr & Mrs Lukeson to Newzealand

Bishop Praying fro Mr Lukeson and His family who are heading to Newzeland as Immigrants

New year service 2009

Pastor Azuba delivering message

Bishop giving baptisms to Hindu family

Bishop ministering in the service

People worshiping in the service

WE had very blessed New year service. In the begining we had baptismal service about 38 people from Hindu, muslim gypsy community accepted Jesus and received water baptism.

We started our worship led by alfred and Jesher and Moses Kalyanapu along with the choir. Worservice was chaired by the one of the Church elder Mr.K.C.John Bunny.

Church Elders, Brothers Ashok, Christopher, B.Rajeswarao extended the greetings to the congregation. Ecclesia Church memebers in around Warangal more than 3000 people attended the service. Bishop Daniel and Pastor Azuba

gave heart touching messages. Then everybody partook in the holy communion. Pastor Azuba dedicated many new families and also new born babies unto the Lord. Service was concluded by the prayer and benediction of the Bishop.

The Church elders and Deacons have arranged the love feast and was served by the Youth and also students from the Immanuels Bible school. This whole event was blessing to many pray for this ministry.