Friday, October 31, 2008

Medical Camp in Gypsy Hamlet in sharker thanda in Warangal A.P. India

Ecclesia Ministries is conducting 2 medical camps a week in the villages of India.
Shanker Thanda is a gupsy hamlet there is no public health center in this village. For any medical help they have to travel 20 KM by public transportation or by bullock cart to get to an hospital.

You can see one Gypsy woman in traditional outfit standing near the banner came for the
medical camp. Our Medical Missionary Dr.Joshua along with our Pastors conducted this camp.
We need more prayer and supporting partners to advance this Medical mission.

Pastors Prayer meet at Narsampet Town/for Crusade

Bishop Daniel was leading Pastors in Prayer

Pastors were asking God for Mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the upcoming Crusade

Nov 1 and 2 Pastors in Narsampet division gathered together to pray for the upcoming crusade in Narsampet on Nov 1 and 2. Bishop Daniel spoke on the annointing of the Holy Spirit that makes the diffirence in the Ministry. All the pastors offered special prayers for the upcoming crusade. That meeting was concluded with fellowship dinner.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baptisms in Ecclesia Mother Church- Kazipet

Sharada from Kummari caste, suffered for 18 years from demons delivered on oct 11th in Kazipet second saturday revival on 26thoct confessed all her sins, recieved Jesus and also water baptism

Swapna receiving Baptism couple standing behind are the parents accepted Jesus from Gypsy community

Sharda on oct 11 delivered from demonic spirits and suffered for 18 years giving testimony.on oct26 received baptism U can see in the picture one

Yellamma who worshipped idols all thru her life gave her heart to the lord at the age of 75 and received baptism on oct 26

This is Sharada's mother also gave her heart to the she has witnessed how Jesus delivered her daughter from demonic spirit.

Revival in Hanamkonda Zion Church

On october 25 evening from 6pm to 10 pm We had wonderful Revival meeting in Zion Temple in Hanamkondapalem in Warangal A.P. India. REv.John Mark Pastor of the church precided over the meeting. Alfred and Bunny lead the congregation in worshiping the Lord.
Bishop Daniel Gave heart touching message on Salvation, deliverance and Healing. Many were touched and were convicted and consecrated their lives to the Lord. Many were slain in spirit some are delivered from the demonic spirits. And some poeple commited their lives and got saved .All glory to God.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Memorial Service of Mrs DayaMani on Oct 24 2008.

Ps Bhushanam who gave
Baptism to Dayamani

Mrs Milrid Sudhakar Mother of Suma John sharing her experiences with Dayamani

Rev B.R. Anand Kumar Prayering for the Bereived families

Rev. P.Spurgeon Raju Bishop of Manna Ministries sharing Gods word

Bro. Thomas sharing his sweet memories with Dayamani from a period of 42 years ie since thier marriage

The Memorial Service was conducted in Gudivada the Birth place of Dayamani. The service was precided by Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu. Alfred lead in sing songs. Pas Paul Abraham and Pas John Spurgeon Pedapudi prayed for the comfort of the families. Bro. G.Johnson, Bro, K.A. Steven read the Scripture portions .Then Bro Thomas shared the sweet memories with his wife how she inspired him to be conservative to live with contentment and to support the God's Ministry. Then Bishop Spurgeon Raju gave the message. The bereived family was called unto the dias then Rev.B.R.Anandakumar prayer for the comfort.

Then Dayamani's uncle Samuel smile, Mrs Jemmy, Moses Varaprasad shared the sweet memories of their sister. Then Rev. Joy David, Rev. G.S. Abraham, K.C.John Bunny, Mrs. Milred Sudhakar (mother in law of John Kalyanapu) Pastor Bhushanam( the pastor who gave baptism to Dayamani) Rev. Joshua shared the comforting word to the family.

Then the slide show was displayed on the screen showing some of the pictures of Dayamani with the family and with the friends. In the closing Bishop Daniel gave some exhortations to the non Christians and nominal christians in the neighbourhood and in the meeting and challenged them for the eternity thru Jesus Christ. And the Meeting was concluded with the prayer and benediction of the Bishop . Bro. G. David Bro. of Dayamani made arrangements for the Dinner.

Memorial Service of Mrs Dayamani Thomas

Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----
Press Release 09-11-08
Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America
FIACONA demands Ban on VHP
Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations in North America (FIACONA) seeks an immediate ban on Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), as the VHP has openly established itself as an anti-Christian organization of militant characteristics. The militancy is nowhere short of terrorism and it neither reflects the thoughts of the majority Indian Hindus nor does it represent them. The violence against Christians in Orissa was perpetrated by Hindu radicals, allegedly by the VHP. Hindus are a peace-loving community who follow Ahimsa (non-violence). President of FIACONA, Reverend Bernard Malik says, "Since VHP does not follow Ahimsa, it has no right to represent Hindus, it has become a militant organization that most of the Hindus do not identify with, and thus in the interest of the Hindus and in the national interest of secularism, FIACONA demands an immediate ban on the VHP." Mr. Titus Mathew General Secretary said, "Because of its bloody track record VHP should be disowned by all Indians and particularly by Hindus for misrepresentation of true Hindu values."
Congress seeks ban on VHP, Bajrang Dal. The Congress sought a ban on the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal, saying they were involved in "activities detrimental to the unity and integrity of the country...These organizations should be banned," Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said. Slamming the BJP-Biju Janata Dal ruling combine in Orissa, where communal violence has claimed several lives, Tiwari accused Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik of being ineffective and of "succumbing to the pressure of BJP to become a party to political polarization".
Left urges President to ban VHP, Dal . A delegation led by senior CPI (M) leader Brinda Karat and comprising CPI leaders D. Raja and Gurudas Dasgupta and CPI (M) MP Suresh Kurup, asked President Pratibha Patil to direct the Orissa government to rein in the saffron outfits which are involved in "killing" number of Christians in the state.
Shri Paswan seeks an immediate ban on the VHP . Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) leader and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan demanded a ban on the Rashtriya Swyamasevak Sangh (RSS), the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Bajrang Dal for alleged violence against Christians in Orissa, as he says, "If the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) has to be banned, then why not VHP, Bajrang Dal or RSS".
Swami Agnivesh demands ban on VHP and Bajrang Dal. Social activist and World Council of Arya Samaj President Swami Agnivesh demanded a complete ban on the activities of VHP and Bajrang Dal in the country. "There is enough evidence to put a ban on these two organizations ... Bajrang Dal in fact is emerging as a 'terrorist' organization in the country," Swami Agnivesh remarked while expressing concern over the communal violence in Orissa allegedly unleashed by the members of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal.
Noted social activist Teesta Setalvad seeks a ban on VHP. She says, "The violence by VHP and Bajrang Dal against religious minorities in Orissa shows that these are violent terror outfits…It is part of a greater conspiracy to spread communal tensions. SIMI is banned for the same and hence Bajrang Dal and its affiliates should also be banned".
Other social activists also demand a ban on the VHP. The social activists, who included among others Ms Meenakshi Ganguly from Asia Division Human Rights Watch, National Integration Council member Shabnam Hasmi, National Dalit Movement for Justice general secretary Dr.Sirivella Prasad and AIDMAM National Convener Vimal Thorat, urged the Orissa state government to arrest all those responsible for attack on the Christians, launch comprehensive relief and rescue operation to bring the displaced to safer places, involve NGOs and Civil Society in relief and rescue operation, punish the officials who failed in their job to protect the lives of the people and deploy adequate central Para military forces to contain the violence.
Dr. Victor Joseph Chairman of Government Relations said, "As is evident from the above, the majority of Hindus do not follow the ideology of the VHP that has become a militant organization." Mr. Abraham Mammen the National Vice President said, "FIACONA condemns the alleged role of the VHP in the Orissa killings of innocent Christians and demands an immediate ban of the VHP."
For the favor of publication
Rev. Bernard Malik

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rural Tailoring center in Chinna pendiyal village

Sister K Vijaya from 8th class Bible school started a tailoring centre for Chinna pendiyal village women who are unemployed. Everyday she will go to this village and give lessons for the village women.

Pastor Azuba Kalyanapu went to this village declared open this tailoring center with the prayer.
We are expecting some hindu women to be saved with this center. please pray

Medical camp for Koya tribe people

Our Koya pastor Bro Ezeliel in the Middle conducted medical in the Koya village in Ottai Rampur
which is 65 km away from kazipet in the Kothaguda forest area. To find a hospital atleast they have to walk for an hour. Because of the seasonal diseases Our Doctor Missionary from the 9th class is involved in this medical mission with the support of the Ecclesia Church Kazipet.
We need partners who can provide us medicines.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hyderabad II sunday Healing Revival

On october 12th We had this Revival in SK Garden Function Palace in L B Nagar Hyderabad.

Kursheed From Srinagar Kashmir

Brother Kursheed came to the saving knowledge of Christ from Kashmir and underwent Bible training in Delhi. Came to Kazipet Revival and shared his testimony. He started his ministry in Srinagar valley. As he is joined in Ecclesia Ministry.
Bishop Daniel and other senior Pastors were praying for Him . Kindly uphold him in your prayers.

Solomon is healed from Viral fever

Lingayya's rt eye cataracts were operated but sight was not restored. attended
this revival and God touched him and was able to see clearly.

A Gypsy lady attended this revival and was healed from stomach pain

this lady was healed from check pain

Healed from fever.

Healing Testimonies on Oct 11 Revival

Bharathi healed from Rheumatic pains

Emmanuel healed from 15years spondilitis

Sharada delivered from 18years demonic oppression

Rajendar filled with the Holy spirit

Pastor Azuba prayed for suguna and was slain in the spiirit

October 11th II saturday Revival

Elia Filled with the Holy Spirit

Saw Light and was slain in spirit
and received the annointing of the Holy Spirit

Mr Govinda Chari who suffered from Blocks in Heart attended previous revival thru prayers
Came to this revival and gave an offering of Rs, 13,000-00 as a tithe of total expenditure for Bypass surgery. God Miraculously healed.

Woman with the dot on forehead, Bishop called her with the word of knowledge she came forward and received Jesus.

Her name is Premavathi from Koya tribe received the annointing of the Holy spirit.