Saturday, August 29, 2009

The MANDATE ( Musical Concert) in TRICITY

Bro. Praveen From the Eagle Riders Ministering thru Music
Pavan Ron and Paul Worshipping the Lord

Alfred Kalyanapu presenting Solos in the Mandate

In Tricities ( Warangal ) Few young men formed a Christian Music Band namely " The Mandate" Mr. Pavan Ron and Alfred Kalyanapu from Ecclesia Full Gospel Church, Paul and Sampath from Baptist Church and etc are doing wonderful ministry thru this Music concerts in different cities and winning young souls for the kingdom of God. Bishop Daniel had the oppurtunity of Sharing God's word in the previous Concerts but this year Rev.Dr. Edward Williams of CBN from Banglore gave the Gospel in the Mandate concert on Aug 15th at Degree College grounds Hanamkonda. Many thousands attended and received God's Blessings. Programme started at 7pm due to drizzling The Eagle Riders band from Hyderabad presented their gospel thru Music which was lead by Mr. Praveen. Then the Mandate band took the full time and presented inspired gospel songs in English, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil. Then Dr. Edward williams presented the gospel and gave an alter call and many young boys and girls dedicated their lives to the Lord. Ecclesia Churches prayed for the success of this programme and God really worked out a miracle and stopped the rain. There was rain all over the state and even in the meeting place before the meeting but God did stopped the rain. This is also because of the Great Faith of these Young men in the God's Promises.

Please pray for this Band.

Friday, August 28, 2009

India's 63rd Independence day Flag hoisting

On August 15th 2009, We in Ecclesia campus observed the 63rd Independence day along with Bible college students, Children in the Orphanage and the staff including the Bishop's Family.

Mr Jesher kalyanapu Dean of the Bible College precided over the meeting. pastor J.Samson lead the praise and worship. Children sang the Indian prayer songs. Bishop Daniel D.Kalyanapu hoisted the Indian flag and gave the message of Independence,Liberation and the true deliverance comes from the Lord Jesus Christ from John 8: 31 -36.

pastor Azuba Kalyanapu offered the concluding prayer. Then we all had snacks and disbursed.
Are you really experiencing redemption? Jesus Christ is the only Redeemer thru Him we can be liberated from the Sin, Sickness and Satan. God bless you

More Pictures from the Children Picnic

Bishop with Orphanage Children in a Picnic

After coming from USA Bishop Took 45 children from the Orphange to a Picnic in a garden park in Hanamkonda city. Bishop went along with his family to spend time with these orphans and to have little fun with them. We all had Breakfast , Lunch and also snacks in that park. In that park there was a bird santuary and also some wild animals it is something like a mini zoo. We also had a prayer time play in that park. All the children enjoyed that day and Bishop's family as well. Please pray and support these orphans.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Koya Village Leader healed and Saved

Mr. Esam Narayana and Mrs Samakka, they are from Koya Tribe from Kamaram Village.

Once Bishop Daniel went to this village along with Pastor Brad and we prayed for this man Narayana who had suffered from a deadly disease but he attended one meeting in that village. People carried him in his chair. When we prayed for him nothing happened then but after a week he rose from his bed and started doing all his works including his village office work. He is surpunch of that village. On Aug 16th he came to Kazipet and partook in sunday worship service and received water baptism by Bishop Praise his holy name. Pastor Boaz from that village is also from Koya tribe escorted him to kazipet. Wow gospel is changing the village officers . Praise the Lord.

Muslim Family Baptized By Bishop

On August 16th Sunday One Muslim Family finally dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and received Water Baptism by Bishop Daniel after sunday worship. Couple of times this family attended Kazipet healing revivals and also annual convention and finally made Jesus as their Lord. Kindly pray for this family. Mr.Syed and his wife Thehara Begum, and their 2 sons Shamir and Ankus.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Immanuel's Gospel Training Center- Kazipet

Immanuels Gospel Training center a theological Institution of Ecclesia Ministries was started in the year 1999 by Dr. Charles of USA. Each year 30 -35 students graduate from this Bible school so far 350 students were graduated from this school and were sent to the Mission field all over India. After Bishop arrived from USA took all the Bible school students to Vanavignan a park in Hanamkonda and we had praise time play time and lot of fun with the children. Sister Mereti from Norway and Sister Charlotte from England who studied in Ywam Pune for a year came to Kazipet to teach in our Bible school for 2 weeks as the practical assignment.

More Healings in the Meeting

One fortune teller from Nemilikonda village who was paralysed for quite a time ago attended this revival and started walking.

Jothirmai the little girl suffered from viral fever. God even healed little girls.
Ligayya from potters community suffered from stomach pain for some days attended the revival and received his healing.
Ashok from Charlapalli village came to this revival with demonic possesion and was released from the demons and also received physical healing from bodily pains.
All glory to Jesus.. Please pray for this Revival in Kazipet and be a part of this ministry by supporting.

More Healing Testimonies in the Revival

Sister Geetha had suffered very badly with the swolen leg and she received her healing Add Image
Naimi from Cuddapah attended this revival and was healed from the stomach pain
Sister Sushila from Neredupalli suffered for 3 years in her neck healed in this revival when Bishop Prayed for her
Swapna one Hindu woman possed with demonic spirits attacked her children and huband even up to extent of killing them just before the night of this revival and was brought to this Revival thru one of our believer Sarojini. When we prayed for her she was released from the demon spirits. All Glory to Jesus

More healings Testimonies in the Revival in Kazipet

Sister Ratna suffered from severe nerves problem for month but she is healed in the revival
Sister Renuka suffered from stomach pain for a year but Jesus touched her and she was healed.

Saramma had suffered from Chest pain for 2 years but she was healed in the Revival
Sister Pushpa had suffered from heart pain for 2 years and she was healed in the Revival
All glory to Jesus

August 8th II saturday Revival in Ecclesia Church-India

Sister Elisha from Warangal city is healed from severe Chest pain.
Sister Rama is healed from terrible headache
Sister Manjula a medical nurse healed from severe fever and headache
Sister Manjula from Nemilikonda village is healed from I year back pain

The very next day after his arrival from USA , Bishop Daniel preached in the II saturday Gospel, Healing and Revival Meeting in Ecclesia Full Gospel Church. Kazipet, A.P. India. God's Annointing was so strong upon Bishop and signs and wonders followed the word. Many people gave their lives to the lord and many rededicated their lives to the Lord and also many people got healed from different sicknesses. Rev. John Mark precided over the service and other ordained ministers of God were on the dais lifting up the Bishop while he was ministering .Many people received the annointing of the Holy Spirit for the Ist time. All Glory to Jesus Christ .

Bishop's Welcome and Denny's Birthday Thanksgiving

Shalem Raju (Denny) Bishop's II nd Son Celebrating his Birthday with the family & Church
Children in the orphanage welcoming the Bishop

The Elders and the Deaconesses extending floral welcome to the Bishop

Bishop Daniel return home safely after his missions trip to USA during June 23 thru August 5th. And he arrived in India on August 7th. The same evening Ecclesia Full Gospel Church arranged a Thanks giving meeting with the Church Elders, Deacons, Deaconesses, Bible college Students and orphange children. And Bishop Shared with the congregation how God used him in diffirent Churches in USA. and also His Second Son Shalem Raju who is studying his Bachelors degree in Medical sciences in Ukraine came for vacation and Aug 7th was is Birthday and everybody praised God and worshipped Him for His goodness and Mercies bestowed upon Bishops family.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bishop Praying for God's Annointing in the service

Bishop in Healing Waters Worshipping Center, NewYork

On August 2nd  Bishop Daniel Ministered in  Healing Waters Worshipping center at Selden, Long Island, New York. Pastor Barbara Rispoli is the Pastor of that Church. Rev.Antje Pastor of International Victory Fellowship, Oslo Norway, had introduced Bishop to this Church. Both Pastors Antje and Barbara  are  women ministers onfire for the lord.. It was previlege for me to minister in the Healing Waters. Their worship  is full of God's presence and I saw the Spirit of God brooding over that church.
Bro .Thomas Founder and Hon President  of Ecclesia Ministries  took time to introduce how this Ministries came in to existance and also shared his testimony. Then Pastor Barbara gave mike to Bishop to Preach and minister to the congregation.
Bishop Daniel gave message on the Holy Spirit the Flowing River that heals the waters of the Dead sea. Then He prayed for the fresh annointing for the Church. And many were blessed.
A special offering was take for the Ecclesia Ministries. 
May God bless the Healing Water ministries.


Bishop With Pastor Joel Osteen, Houston,Texas

                                              Bishop Daniel with Mrs. Victoria Joel at Lake Wood
                                              Bishop Daniel with Pastor Joel Osteen in Lake wood Church

ON   July 26th sunday  Bishop Daniel attended the Lake Wood Church worship in Houston Texas along with Miss Lilian Kalyanapu and her friends. Tens of Thousands  worshiping the living God  under one roof  was amazing and I felt God's presence in that service. It was a wonderful service indeed. Bishop Was praying to build  a  mega worshipping centre in Kazipet A.P. India. Saints please pray for Eccleisa Full Gospel Church  up coming Vision.