Monday, September 27, 2010

Bishop in Family Bible Church . Sunday Evening

God always works in different ways. Our Friend in Norway Dr. Martha Haakon gave me an email and asked me to call Sis PennyDrexel, and I did.She arranged an evening service in Family Bible Church in Norristown talking to Pastor Paul and Bro Doug Thomas the elder of that Church .Around 6pm Kiran Lily and Myself went to Blue Bell where Doug is living and we had nice tea time. Sis Penny and Bob shared their experiences about India when they visited India during 80's . They are wonderful Couple of God who has heart for the perishing souls all across the world. I also met Doug's mother Sandy Thomas who is in her 90's I was so amazed seeing her full with the love of Lord.
At 7pm we went to the Church where I met the Pastor Paul who just returned from the vacation conducting the service which was not pre-scheduled. He lead the Praise and worship and handed over the service to me and I gave the message on Faith how to walk with Lord as Enoch and Abraham walked and pleased God and also shared How I started walking with Lord started my ministry from the scratches now having thousands of members and hundreds of churches all over India.
I also prayed for them individually for their needs. Some of the brothers and sisters prophesied on me and on my ministry. It was a great service indeed.

Bishop in Grace Trinity Church - Philadelphia, PA

I came to Philadelphia on Sep 22nd from South Carolina. My niece Lilian d/o Rev. K.E.Joy David, and her husband Dr.Kiran Sukumar received me into their house. They are the members of Grace Trinity Church Philadelphia. Also Kiran's Brother Mr. Naveen is the guitarist in the worship team in the same Church. Their Pastors , Rev. Dr. Chandra Soans and Asst Pastor Kamalesh Stephen invited me to this Church .We had wonderful worship service I gave the message and Challenged the Church to live a Purpose driven Life .After the service we had a Fellowship lunch during that time many members of the Church came to me and appreciated the message even the Pastor of the Church Rev. Soans have extended an invitation that their Pulpit is always open for me.
On Saturday sep 25th this Church and the Pastor and their School activities telecasted on ABC news.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pictures from Barnwell , South Carolina

This is Mr Ajay and Mrs Messina and their two daughters
Meghana and Madhirima,

Pictures at the top are Indian family Fellowship meeting .

Bishop in Barnwell , South Carolina

On Sep 19 AfterI gave message in Ist India Baptist Church Decatur GA, My relatives and members from our Church in Kazipet Mrs Messina and Mr. Ajay Barigala who are living in Barnwell, SC came to Atlanta and partook in the service and drove me back to their house. on 20th monday they arranged an Indian fellowship meeting in their house. 5 families from India are living in this town and working as teachers in the public schools. We had wonderful time of spiritual refreshing. I shared the word and exhorted them in the name of our Lord Jesus.
Mr. Ajay is my maternal grand mother's Sister's grandson , he is my brother and Messina is related thru my wife. I solemnized their wedding and also they became our church members until they came to USA. Messina ministered in our Sunday school and also she was actively involved in the vacation Bible school. Our Church missed them so much.
They are blessed with 2 darling daughters Meghana and Madhurima. I enjoyed my stay with them they are very hospitable. May God bless you them. Kindly pray for them. Amen

Bishop in Barnwell, South Carolina, USA

On Sep 19th after I ministered in Ist India Baptist Church,Mr. Ajay Barigala and Mrs Messina Ajay along with their 2 darling daughters came to Atlanta drove me to their house in Barnwell, South Carolina. Mrs Messina came from India ,working in a Public school since 2004. Her Husband Mr Ajay came along with Children in 2005.Their children Meghana and Madhurima are so much missing India and they love to have time with Indian visiters. And I showed up in their house and they are so happy of my coming. Mr. Ajay is my Grand mother's sister's grandson and he is by brother and Messina is related thru my wife. I solemnized their wedding in India and also they were our Church members until they came to USA.They are a blessing to our church. Messina ministered in our sunday school and also actively involved in Vacation Bible school. Our Church miss them very much.

Yesterday on 20th evening they arranged a fellowship meeting with the Indian families ,who are all teachers working in different schools. We had a wonderful time of prayer fellowship. I shared the word and exhorted them and this meeting was concluded with pizza party. Kindly pray for these people and in particular Ajay's family.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bishop in Atlanta Ist India Baptist Church on sep 19 sunday

Rev. Avinash, his wife and sis Hepsibah leading the Praise and Worship.

On sep 19th sunday my sister in law Jyostna drove me to Decatur, Ist India Baptist Church.
Rev. Avinash Raiborde the pastor of that Church received me well and we had a wonderful worship in English and Hindi and music was played by Bro Emmanuel Damera, who also loved me so much took me to his house and treated me with good food on saturday.
Pastor Avinash is a Holy Spirit tongue talking Baptist Pastor who is full of God's power and glory.
While Emmauel was singing song offeratory was taken. Then I gave the message and challenged the church that God gives new beginings from Jer 18:6. Then we had the fellowship dinner.
After the service our Relatives Mr Ajay and Mrs Messina came to Atlanta and drove me to South Carolina to their house. Messina is a teacher in a public school. Before they moved from India they were our church members for many years.They are a blessing to our Ministry all these years.

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Bishop in Atanta, GA

Bishop Daniel was giving short message exhorting the congregation on monthly fellowship meeting
Mrs Jyostna James Kalyanapu was sharing her testimony how God performed miracles in her tests

Daniel sharing message on Friday in Sun Rise Baptist church.

Rev. Christpher Palli chairman of the Meeting closing it by Prayer and benediction.

On sep 16th Pastor BradFrom Immanuels Church who is my friend and a frequent visiter to Ecclesia Ministries India came to my hosts house and dropped me off at Dulles Airport and I left for Atlanta. My 3rd brother James and his family are living in Atlanta and made arrangements for my stay also my preachings as he was away in India. Bro Jacob received me at airport and took me Rev. Christopher Palli's house. I was well received in to their home and also in to Atalanta Telugu Chritian Samavesham. A special meeting was arranged for my for me in Sunrise Baptist on friday evening. Bro Suved and family, Jacob and Family, Emmanuel and Family, Rev. Peter Palli and family very much cooperated for the success of this meeting.
Bro Christopher precided over the meeting and I gave a message and challenged the congregation. It was indeed a wonderful meeting. I thank all the friends who gave offerings to our Ministry and I pray that God will bless you abundantly.

Bishop In Immanuels Church, Washington DC

On 7th morning My Brother drove me to Virginia in his car to My 2nd Brother Philip Kalyanapu who was a US Army colonel( retd) We had wonderful time in Virginia in Brothers house and My Sister in law Vijji cooked tasty food and I enjoyed. On 12 th sunday morning we 3 brothers went to Immanuels Church .This Church is the biggest in DC, Where I shared about Ecclesia Ministries and also a brief message and exhorted the congregation in 2 services. Pastor Charles was away in Niger and was back in his church and gave the main message. It was indeed a blessed service and I had an oppurtunity to dine with Pastor Charles and Brad. After 2 services I was so tired, my host family Pastor Lenny took me to his house and treated with good food. They have a very big house and I was given the whole basement well furnished and it was so calm where I wrote new songs and books.
On 13th I attended Immanuels missions and spoke in that meeting. On 14th tuesday I attened Bibles study and 15th evening I had dinner with Pastor Charles and Pas Dotty.

It was a Blessed time indeed. Praise the Lord.

Greetings From USA

Bro. Thomas Kalyanapu founder of Ecclesia Ministries Released the CD

Bro Joshua Pilli received the Ist copy of the New release.

Sister Udaya was praying for the Blessing over the New MP 3 CD

Daniel Kalyanapu was giving Message.
Hai friends greetings in Jesus holy name. I Left Kazipet on Sep 1st Reached Newark, New Jersey on Sep 3rd at 11 am. My Brother Thomas came to the airport and received me.
On 5th sunday morning I shared in Scotch Plains Baptist where My Brother is deacon. I had wonderful time in that church seeing some friends which I know from my previous visits.
Same evening I was invited to United Evangelical Christian Fellowship Church where I preached the word and It was a wonderful time of fellowship with Christians from India and also relatives.
I have produced many audio CD s albums I picked up hit songs and took out Our Ist MP3 CD
Which was released in that service. Sister Udaya Prayed over and My Brother released the CD in the name of our Lord and gave Ist copy of the CD to Mr. Joshua Pilli. and also to the musicians.