Thursday, May 21, 2009

Volunteers could not handle the crowd

Last night of the crusade after praying for some people volunteer failed to control the crowd and the stage was about to collapse so Bishop had to go in to the crowd

This is Precilla had a cataract, she delayed the surgery and she lost her sight in her right eye.
After Bishop prayed for her her sight was restored amen.

Severe pain in Martha Uterus was gone and she is healed.

Bhagya was healed from deafness. Both her ears were opened.

Nagamani suffered for one year with headache, she is from hindu family believed in Jesus and received healing.

More Healings

This man namely satyanarayana was deaf for 5years even with the hearing aid he couldnot hear properly. When Bishop Prayed he received his healing

Laxmi narayana had a tumor in throat and could not able to eat food and he was on liquid diet for 2 years. God touched him and he received his healing and gave testimony

Her name is Annamma she suffered for 10months with severe abdominal pain and she is healed

More tesrimonies in Gummuluru crusade

This young man Spurgeon Raju who was in the Choir was suffering from sight problem during nights his eyes will be blinded God touched him and he received his healing

Her name is Sunitha she was very weak cannot walk too long cannot work in her house.Jesus touched her and she got healed in this crusade

She suffered from severe pain in her stomach for many years and she attended this crusade and she received total healing.

Healed from 6 years Thyoroid and she felt something went out of her body and she said she is healed

This young Hindu lady was deaf in her left year for 5 years. She heared the word and received Jesus in her heart and she experienced divine touch and her hearing was totally restored,amen

God's Power Manifested a crusade in Gummuluru,India

Gummuluru is a small village in Achanta Man in West Godavari District in AP India. Pastor Solomon has invited Bishop to minister in His crusades during May 12 thru 15th. God showed up and did his work. The woman in Green saree
Her name is venkatanarsamma,her uterus was removed since then severe pain.God Healed her

Tataji has fallen from the tree and his back was severely hurt and suffered with pain for 10months Jesus healed him

In both these pictures was woman named laxmi and she was hiv positive when I prayed something was gone out of her body and she felt very light

Her name is santhoshamma means Joy but she was going thru very bitter experiences.
Jesus touched her while Bishop was ministering in Gummuluru crusade.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More Healing Testimonies

Jeremiah received peace of God into his heart

Veera Babu also received great joy of God and His peace in to His heart

Mariamma had suffered very badly from bodily pains for many years. God healed her when Bishop Prayed for her.

Mark saw heavenly vision when Bishop Prayed for him.

Rebecamma had suffered from stomach pain for 3 years and she was healed when Bishop prayed

Healing Testimonies in Jadcherla meetings

Mariamma who suffered from 10 years chest pain was healed

lalithamma from Banglore who suffered 5years from tooth pain got healed

Estheramma was healed from Intestinal disorder

Shanthamma had suffered from severe headache for 7 months was healed miraculously.

Annanias had suffered from heart pain for 5 years was healed miraculously.

Jadcherla Meetings April 30 to MAY 30TH

Pastor G.R.Purushotham was leading the convention

Bishop Daniel has delivered the word and prayed for the sick

I and my team went to Jacherla which is 85 Km from Hyderabad. Apostle G.R.Purushotham a great man of God was the convener. I ministered in their annual convention for two days.
Annointing was so heavy on me in the May Ist night and the word of God was so shure many were blessed by the word . Especially many people got healed from many sicknesses and gave their testimonies. All glory to God

Medical camp in a Primary school in Katra, Kahmir

Bro Rajesh who is younger Brother of our Pastor Ravi of Jammu was running a children school in Katra. This is famous for Hindu temple of Vaishnavidevi.This Brother has started this school as the Lord has put burden in his heart. WE visited this school and treated all the children in the school and gave free medicines. Please pray for the school as they have to buy own land for the buildings. Right now they are running in a rented facility.

Medical Camps in Jammu Kashmir

We have conducted 3 medical camps 2 in Jammu slums and one in Katra which is 40 km away from Jammu. Because of the political elections we could not take group doctors except our Ecclesia Doctor. We saw many under previledged people in Jammu slums. One Bro Immanuel arranged that medical camp in Doda settlers.

Kashmir 2009

Myself and Dr. Joshua Went to Jammu and Kashmir. This time only two of us there. God used us for his glory. we had 3 night crusade in Newplot Jammu. Each night more than 1000 people attended the meeting and received God's blessings. Ist 2 nights Pastor Sadiq translated my messages and we had a great time of spiritaul refreshing. Every night new people came to the alter to confessed Jesus as their Lord. Each night Bishop prayed for the deliverance and many people got healed. My special thanks to all my prayers warriors for their valuable prayers. Because of those prayers we had very successful Ministry.