Saturday, May 15, 2010

Azuba Baptising Muslim ladies

John Bunny Kothapalli Blessed with New Innova SUV

Farewell to Mr. K.Isaac Praveen(Deacon) and family

Mr. Isaac Praveen one of deacons of our Church moved to Hyderabad. He is blessed with a wife Suhasini and their son Richie. Mrs Suseela Frankline the mother of Isaac is a very pious lady and a woman of Prayer. retired few months ago as a teacher.
AS God has blessed this family with a house plot in Hyderabad and are willing to construct a house for that reason they planned to move to Hyd. As a Church we prayed for them and gave them farewell. kindly pray for them. And we miss this Kalapala family very much

Gospel penitrating in to Richest familes of A P

I presented my audio song CDs and the books I wrote.

Chandana Brothers are the Kings in the Textile business in the State of Andhra Pradesh..
God is helping his Church to reach these richest families with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
The owners of Chandana Brothers in Tanuku accepted the Lord thru the ministry of our local Church . on april 9th the whole families of the Chanda Brothers, Rajahmundry , Hyderabad and Tanuku attended the convention on the second day morning session in the local Church. We prayed for that family and their business. Kindly pray for that family that men of that family should come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Birthdays of My Wife Azuba and Grace my daughter

Mrs Navamani mother of Azuba assisting Azuba and Grace in cutting the cake

Tanuku Crusades April 8,9, 10

Pastor Siromani Praying and starting the crusades
Rev.Joy Rev. Ananda Kumar and Myself ministering in the crusade

Holy Spirit was strong on the crowd

Due to Missing pictures I did not put this on blog. During april 8.9.10 we had a 3 day crusade in Tanuku town which is famous for sugar factory. Late Pastor K. Peter and his wife Mrs Siromani are the spiritual children of Late Dr. K. R. David.. Mrs Siromani and her Son Simon are continuing the Ministry started. I went along with my team and ministered in that crusade. Rev. Joy and Rev. Anandakumar are also the speakers in this crusade. There was mighty move of the Holy Spirit. and lots of healings took place and many were filled with the Holy Spirit.

House Dedication of Mr. Ramesh

April 8th I dedicated the Apartments in Jangareddy gudem in West Godavari District. We had our crusade in in this town during March 1,2,3,. Mr Ramesh was on of the convenors. As per his request I went there and dedicated his house

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Healings in Huzurabad

This woman got healed from severe Headache suffered from many years
This woman got healed healed from rhumatic pains
This woman was healed from heart pain
This man was healed from severe back pain

This woman was healed from uterus pain

Deaf Ears opened

When Myself and Pastor Brad prayed for this man His deaf ears were opened

Huzurabad Meetings

Each night myself and Pastor Brad prayed for the people and many were slained in spirit

Each night people came forward to accept the Lord
People worshiping the Lord

Huzurabad - Karimnagar Crusade. april 25 to 27

We had 3 day crusade in Huzurabad high school ground during april 25th to 27th.
Pastor Brad, Myself and my wife Azuba ministered in those meetings. Some muslims tried to stoop meetings even not giving permission for those meetings. But our dear Lord helped us so we had 3 day successful crusades. Gospel was preached and signs and wonders followed the word. Pastor David Raju my spiritual son was sent to this town in 1992. Since then he is advancing the ministry. They honored and us and we were well received.

Friday, May 7, 2010

More pictures from Punjab

On april 22nd Pastor Samuel arranged the medical camp in his home town.
Over 120 patients were seen by our medical team, and Pastor Daniel and I moved among the people, praying for them, sometimes at their request, sometimes silently. I tried to help out where I could, walking people around to the stations, praying for them as we moved. The needs were great, and the poor people hadn't had any medical care, some for their entire lives. One lady in her 50's had never brushed her teeth, and as the doctor explained to her what she needed to do in Punjabi, it was like he was speaking to her in a foreign language.

Medical camp day 2 in Punjab

Praying for the people who responded alter call and also for the healing
Viswas was interpreting my message in to Punjabi

Our Medical team with Pastor Samuel of Punjab
on 21st april Pastor Samuel took us to Rurkimuglan village. There are only 3 christain families in that village who got saved in Pastor Samuel's ministry. It was Ist of its kind to hold medical
camp in that village more than 130 people were treated and given medicines. Pastor Samuel requested and invited the people for the evening gospel meeting. Viswas lead in the worship , Sarita who got saved from Viswa Brahamana caste gave her testimony how she got saved and also Suhasini who got saved from Mudiraj casted gave her testimony. Then Pastor Brad and I gave short gospel messages. many men and women responded the alter call. and we are hoping for more souls for salvation. Please pray

Medical Mission in Punjab

Pastor Samuel our Host with our Medical team
Dr. Srinivas treating a punjabi
Nurse Sarita was treating the women patients

On april 19th night we left from Punjab by a train. Bro Viswas son of pastor Samuel of Navanshir also friend of my eldest son Jesher came to Railway station and received us and took us to their town and put us in a hotel . After taking little rest we woke took our Break fast in Pastors House and then we proceeded to Guinchar Village. One muslim doctor in that village cooperated with us and also he made all arrangements for the camp. And also local doctors came and also helped us in treating the patients.

Medical camp and Gospel meeting in a House in Kathuva, JK

On April 19 th We left Jammu and came to Kathuva which is JK and Punjab boarder . And also from Kathuva Pakistan boarder is just 20 kms. All our group travelled by a SUV and also another car. and had a gospel meeting with Pastor Pavon. They all gathered in a house about 50 people. Pastor Brad and Myself gave the gospel and our Doctor Srinivas helped us in Translation.
Then we had a medical camp more than 130 people were treated and given medicines. We are hoping for more souls in this town. Kindly pray. Bishop Daniel

Three Day Crusade in Jammu

Day time meeting with limited group in Jammu where Pastor Brad
Ecclesia Ministries ordained 6 more ministers to be Full time Pastors
Bishop Daniel gave an alter call and was praying for the people who responded

Pastor Ravi has conducted 3 day Gospel Meetings in Jammu. Pastor Ravi is the ordained minister of Ecclesia Ministries. Pastor Brad and I ministered each day in these meetings. Each night we prayed for the sick and also for the Blessings. Holy spirit moved in a mighty way. We saw lots of people delivered from the clutches of the devil.