Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dec 25 Christmas service in Railway stadium

Choir presenting the songs

Orchestra playing their music

Rev Joy cutting the Christmas cake

Bishop Daniel preaching the Christmas message

Ecclesia Full Gospel Churches in the Warangal city gathered together in Railway Stadium to worship the Lord on Christmas service. The service was started at 6.30pm. Choir in the music direction of Alfred Kalyanapu, Pavon Ron played 2 key boards, Jesher played Guitar, Moses and Isaac played drum pads and Sampath played Tapla and dolki. Music was fantastic and heart touching. Choir sang the new Christmas songs written by Bishop Daniel.

Tricity Christian fellowship Secretary Mr Samson, All India Christian counsil District leader Mr Franklin Sudhakar, Aradhana TV channel director Mr Paul Devapriayam extended the greetings to the congregation. Rev. Joy David ,Mrs Sharon Joy, Mrs Azuba had cut the Christmas cake.

Bishop Daniel delivered heart touching and inspiring message which drawn many new souls in the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

More than 5000 people attended the celebration. The highest gathering of all Christmas services in the Tricity. Finally Full Gospel Church Elders distributed cakes to all the people.

Then the sunday school children, youth and the Bible School students presented their skits and all the people who attended were blessed and gone to their homes with joy. Railway authorities and Police cooperated for the success of the meeting.
All glory toHis name
More than 50,000 thousand people heard the gospel in all our Christmas outreaches.
please pray for our Ministry and extend your helping hand to advance this ministry.
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Christmas Service at Railway Stadium -Kazipet

Bible school students playing Christmas drama

Jesher Team playing the skit of life house

Susan and Team playing Choreography for a Christmas song

sunday school children presenting a special song

Sarees distributed to widows

Pastor Azuba Distributed Sarees to the widows

Each we distribute sarees to minimum of 100 widows who are very poor, Pastor Azuba always helps widows with clothes not only during Christmas but also during easter time.

Ecclesia Warnagal city Branch churches Christmas

Pastor Azuba


Bishop Welcomed at Zion Temple

On Dec 25th WE had 3 services one in Warangal Autonagar Branch Full GospelChurch from 11am to 1pm and 1pm to 3pm in Hanumakondapalem Zion Temple. And from 6pm to 10 pm a corporate Christmas celebration of Ecclesia Churches in the Tricity at Kazipet Railway Stadium. Bishop Daniel and Pastor Azuba both ministered in these services

Christmas in a Public park in Wadepalli

Bishop Daniel and Mrs Azuba Daniel sharing greetings before cutting the cake

Pastor Azuba giving the message

Mr. D.Vinay Bhaskar sharing greetings

Mr.P.Ashok Kumar sharing his joy

Mr.John Bunny sharing his joy

On Dec 24, Our Believers in Wadepalli conducted a Christmas meetings for all their Hindu friends and relatives. Bro Cornelius our elder precided over the meeting. Alfred and team gave the music. Full Gospel Church elders Mr. John Bunny Principal St.Thomas high school and Mr. Ashok kumar asst principal Christu Jyothi Engineering college shared their joy of Christmas.

Pastor Azuba gave the Ist message. TRS District urban president Mr. D.Vinay kumar extended his greetings to the congregation. Bishop Daniel delivered the Christmas message and lead the congregation in to the prayer of Salvation

Christmas in Warangal Police Head Quarters

Superintendent of Police Mr. Sajjanar extending greetings to all the Police officials and Judicial officers and other top officials of District administration

Mr. Ashok Babu the District Judge sharing Christmas greetings

Bishop with the SP of police and District Judge with the candles in the candle light service

Bishop and SP of Police lighting the candle

Bishop Daniel delivering the main message

On Dec 23rd at 7pm. Superintendent of Police Mr. Sajjanar arranged the Christmas celebration in Police Head quarter Warangal. Tricity Christian Fellowship leaders organised the meeting.
Its President Rev.Joseph Prabhakar precided over the meeting. Baptist choir and RCC choir gave special numbers. Rev. Fr. Jayaraj catholic priest and Rev. Nagabhushanam presibete CSI extended greetings and Rev Manikya Rao prayed over. While choir was singing silent night we had the candle light service. Then Bishop Daniel delivered the God's word on

1)Assurance of Christmas -Fear Not(Luke 2:10)
2)Blessing of Christmas- Forgiveness of sins(Mat1:21)
3)Comfort of Christmas - Immanuel God with Mankind(mak1:23)
and exhorted the officials of Warangal that salvation of Christmas is for everybody
and God's call is universal Isa 45:22, Mat 11:28
Then the District senior Judge Mr K.Ashok Babu and the SP Sajjanar both had cut the Christmas. Dist Revenue Officer Sri Ram REddy, Municipal Commissioner Mr Siva Koti also shared the greetings and also declared that Christmas is for everybody. After the message Bishop Daniel prayed for the District officials and for their salvation.

Monday, December 29, 2008

St. Thomas School Christmas - Ghanpur, Warnagal Dt.

Mr John Bunny the Principal of the School leading the children in prayer

Bishop Daniel sharing the God's word

Mrs Vimallamma Kothapalli and Bishop Daniel cutting the Christmas cake

On Dec 23,08, St.Thomas school Ghanpur, celebrated their Christmas along with the school children and their parents. Most of the children are from Hindu and muslim religions. The Principal of the School Mr. John Bunny precided over the event with the prayer song. Alfred and Moses Kalyanapu gave special music. Mrs Vimallamma Christdas the co founder along with Bishop has cut the Christmas Cake. And Bishop presented the Christmas message that attendees from all religious faiths accepted the Birth of Jesus and also Bishop Daniel lead the school children and also their parents in to salvation prayer. School children about 2000 and some of their parents about 1000 partook in the celebration. A total of 3000 listened the Christmas message

Ecclesia Christmas in Hyderabad on Dec 21st Evening

King Herod in Christmas drama

Angel appeared to Mary

Bishop Daniel Delivering the Christmas message

Alfred and Jesher Kalyanapu leading the choir

On Dec 21st Evening Ecclesia Church in Hyderabad arranged a Christmas celebration in SK Gardens Function hall behind Khamineni Hospital in L B nagar Hyderabad. Pastor James the convenor of the celebration started the meeting and Pastor B. Karunakar the asst Pastor to Bishop precided over the meeting. Local Choir and Kazipet Ecclesia choir bands presented new Christmas songs. Bishop Daniel Gave challenging Christmas message and many people gave their hearts to the Lord.

Ecclesia Youth Christmas @ Kazipet

Christmas drama by Bible school students

Jesher in a skit namely life with Jesus

Jyostna and team in Choreography

Youth Garland the Bishop

Choir presenting special songs

Dec 20th, Ecclesia youth celebrated their Christmas. Jesher Kalyanapu the youth Pastor conducted the service. Alfred Kalyanapu lead the choir. Rekha and Prema gave their testimonies how Christmas changed their lived and performed miracles. Karuna and Vikram read the scripture portions, Geetha and Lalitha prayed for the blessings of the Lord.
Pastor Azuba and Bishop Daniel gave short messages on Christmas and exhorted the youth to take any kind of challenge like Mary and Joseph for God.Jesher and team and Jyostna and team and also Immanuels Gospel Training center team presented their skits. For about 300 youth partook in the Love feast.

Jangaon Town Christmas

Local political leader extending greetings

Fr.REddy extending greetings

Bishop Daniel preaching the Christmas message

Ecclesia choir singing Christmas songs

Dec 18th Jangaon town in warangal District celebrated an interdenomination united Christmas. Catholics, protestants such as Baptist, pentecost, brethern and other independent churches came together and celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christ,Rev.Joy DAvid made all the arrangements and his son Alfred gave the music. Ecclesia choir from Kazipet sang new Christmas songs. Rev John and Rev Philip the baptist Pastors and their congregations presented special songs.Rev Fr.REddy Extened the greetings and Priest of St Peter and St Paul prayed over for the occation. Bishop Daniel gave wonderful message about the Birth of Jesus with all the evidences such as Prophetical evidence, Historical eveidence, Telestrial evedence and Biological evedence.
About 1000 people attended the meeting and more in the neighbourhood heard the gospel.

Christmas Service in Ayodyapuram a Hindu village

Believers worshiping the Lord

Pastor Azuba praying for the Blessing of the people

Pastor Azuba preaching the word

Our Ecclesia Ministries Pastor Gopal Started ministry in this village 4 years ago. This is predominantly a hindu village.
On Dec 16th evening we arrived in that village one man came to me challenged me that he will surely drive away the Pastor from that village and stop the Church. I had a personal talk with that man and was convinced. That evening we had an open air Christmas gospel meeting by the side of the main Road. After the singing Bishop Started preaching the good news of Christmas.
In India people worship 330 million gods and godesses. When we preach Jesus some people will accept him as one of the gods .But when we preach that he is only saviour of Mankind they reject the gospel and will attack the preachers. While Bishop was preaching a band of Hindu youth came to the meeting and watched the meeting and the preaching they did not find anything so left the place. Pastor Azuba also shared the word and prayed for the sick