Monday, June 29, 2009

Mission Rajasthan

Hello I'm Jesher. Pastor Santosh, Chandrapur, and I went to Rajasthan to the district of Banswara, which is a semi-desert area. We travelled 35 kilometres past sand hills, to Bagidora, enjoying the beauties of nature. We stayed there in the house of pastor Wal Singh.

On June 11th we went to Padla village interior to Bagidora. We travelled on muddy roads.

Pastor Wal Singh has been working here since 4 years. Out of 80 families in the village, 22 families are saved with over 150 believers.
Only 40% of the village is literate. This village is by the River Harihena. Main occupation of the villagers is agriculture and irrigation. Staple crops corn and rice. The fields are full of stones.
There is scarcity of water everywhere. People rely on rains for growing crops. The villagers are employed only during the rainy season for 4 months and they can't get a job during the remaining 8 months. So they are forced to get out of the villages and travel as far as 500-800 kms to metropolitan cities in order to get menial jobs.
The parents leave their kids in the village and go to metropolitan cities. There is a government school in the village (from 1 to 8 grade). Many kids live with their grand parents who cannot afford to feed them all through the year.

Witchcraft: Black magic, omen, voodoo dolls, occult are prevalent in this village. Many victims do things like suicide, become mentally retarded, and are tormented by evil spirits. Majority of believers had been exorcised before accepting Jesus Christ. In fact, that is the only way people get saved here, having been delivered from witchcraft.

Anti-Christian Elements: Many anti-christian elements, which I keep anonymous for security reasons, have already infiltrated this village and surrounding villages. They teach that Jesus Christ is a foreign God and that Christians and pastors should not be allowed to enter the villages. They also entice young men from the villages to murder Christians. And the youth will be gifted 10,000 to 100,000 rupees for killing pastors.

A Helping Hand: With the help of Eccl
esia Full Gospel Church the poor kids were presented with clothes.

Friday, June 26, 2009