Monday, July 11, 2011

More Healing Testimonies from Raghudevapuram Meetings

Sister Sugunamma is healed from the Pain in her leg suffered for a year
Sister Mariamma is healed from the Back pain
Sister Suvarna jyothi is healed from Migranic pain suffered for many years
Krupamma is healed from one rheumatic pains
Sister Kalavathi is healed from Roaring sounds in her ear suffered for a year

These are only few pictures I got from my flip camera. All the pictures from the crusades are telecasted in different TV channels.

More Healing Testimonies from Raghudevapuram Meetings

This sister is healed from severe back pain for years received miracle healing
Sister Dayamani has seen the vision and experienced divine touch
Mangathayar is healed from the heart pain
Miracle healing for sister Chinni healed from severe artharitis suffered for 8 years
Sister Esther rani is healed from pain in her legs for a year

Healing Testimonies from Raghudevapuram Meetings

Sister Vijaya ratnam was healed from frozeness in her right hand could work now healed
Sister Vazramma is healed from the abdomen pain for years received miracle healing
Sister Anjamma was healed from right shoulder joint pain
Sister Salomi is healed from one year back pain
Jyothi could not walk freely for one year miraculously healed

Healing Testimonies from Raghudevapuram Meetings

Sister Pushpalatha Filled with the Holy Spirit
Kruparatnam is healed from joint pains
Vijaya healed from one year back pain
Sujanamma healed from one artharitis
Sanjeevamma healed from the partial blindness

Healing Testimonies from Raghudevapuram Meetings

Krupa Jyothi could not walk for about a year got healed and walking freely
This woman was suffering from the back pain for years miraculously healed
Sister Elizebeth is healed from Knee pain suffered for years received mircle healing
Sister Rajyam healed from 1 year throat pain
This Lady has fallen from the farm Tractor and hurt badly in her back got healed from pain

Healing Testimonies from Jagirpalli Meetings

This young lady was released from the fear of Future and experienced great Joy in Heart
This Young girl experienced divine touch and Joy of Salvation has filled her heart
This woman is healed from severe pain in her utirus
This woman is possessed with demonic spirits and was released
This woman is released from demonic oppression

Healing Testimonies from Jagirpalli Meetings

Pastor Satya Prakash and his sons felicitating the Bishop in Jagirpalli crusade
This woman is released from the demonic oppression
This woman has experienced divine touch and also great joy of salvation filled her heart
This man has suffered from Kidney pain and was healed in Jesus name
People responded the alter call to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord

Healing Testimonies from Akiveedu Meetings

This girl was miraculously healed from the deafness
This old woman was healed from the severe back pain
This woman was healed from Tuberculosis
This woman was healed from the severe heart pain

Pictures from Akiveedu Crusade

This sister is Filled with the Holy Spirit
This Brother is healed from the Paralysis
This little girl is healed from the severe stomach pain
This Hindu sister was healed from severe neck and back pain
This young girl is healed from Viral fever

Wedding in Rajura - Maharastra

On July 5th tuesday Myself and my wife Azuba has attended a wedding in Rajura Maharastra.
The Bride groom is Pastor Dhiraj and Bride Sofia who has graduated in our Bible College few years ago. Pastor Dhiraj was a teacher in our Bible School in Durgapur Maharastra.
He was young dynamic Evangelist and a Pastor reached many unreached places with the gospel of our Lord. Pastor Sunil has precided over the service many Pastors attended the ceremony along with the Local Church. I have given the message and Pastor Rajesh Kalwal has interpreted to local language. It was a great wedding Indeed. Every enjoyed the dinner and every thing went well even in the rainy season. Same night we returned back to Kazipet.

Miracle Testimony of a Child in Mharastra

Bro Santhosh Minister in our Ecclesia fellowship in Dewada Maharastra state has married a girl named Suvarna who has graduated from our Bible school few years ago. 2 years ago they had a Baby boy born very sickly very often that boy used to go in to coma. Finally they daigonised with diabetis and his pancreas is not working and it is destroyed. Last year when I went to USA I have brought a gluco meter to check the sugar levels often to avoid going in to coma.
Once they both attended the healing revival in Kazipet along with the boy. I prayed for that boy.
On july 5th I went to Maharastra to solemnize a wedding and to my surprise Santhosh told me that his son was totally healed and no traces of Sugar what so ever. WOW !. It is a Miracle healing Indeed. Praise the Lord.

Healing Testimonies from Katturu Meetings

This young girl has experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit and filled with the spirit
Jeevana was under demonic attack and was released and you see the pictures below with joy