Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kondaparthi Church Dedication- A.P. India

Bro. Thomas Founder of EM, Bishop Daniel and Pastor Mark local Pastor at dedication

Mark and Deborah are my spiritual children. I gave baptisms and changed their names previously their names were Swamy and badra, solemnized their wedding and also they were graduated from my Bible School. Kodaparthi was predominantly communist village when I Ist visited this village in 1986. We started a adult literacy programme which started our activity to win souls for his kingdom. I gave many baptisms to the people from all walks including communist radicals. We have constructed a small prayer hall for the worship services during 1992 to 1996 this prayer hall was captured by the communitists that stopped all our activities. After much prayers God opened a way to start our services. Mark and Deborah both were graduated from the Immanuels Gospel Training center . They were sent to this village.
Then whole ministry took Paradigm shift . Slowly people from Hindu faith started coming to the Lord. Couple of years ago one man was healed from HIV aids and he got saved and gave a piece of land for the Church building. so we constructed the Church building . We finally dedicated the building on June 3rd happens to be their wedding anniversary. My Brother Thomas my son Jesher and My wife the spiritual mother of Mark and Deborah also shared the word . One great testimony about Marks conversion was 20 years ago Marks mother fell sick and declared clinically dead and was sent to home. Mark used to come to our house to sell vegetables along with his mom. during that time My wife Azuba shared the gospel to this family.
So he recollected the gospel and to our house and my wife to their house to pray so my wife Azuba prayed for Mark's mother and miraculously she came to life. Thats how whole family of Mark came to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from Paganism. All glory to His name.

Welcoming Team from Jamm and Kashmir By Local Church

Kashmir Medical camps

Dr. Srinivas who is from Police department AP. who was born in Kashmir is a great blessing to our camp who knows the local language
Dr.Prathibha has treated hundreds of Muslim women

Sis Vijaya is a Govenment staff nurse who is our deaconess and her daughter Dr. Prathibha in the camp treating the people

Mostly we reached poor muslims with these medical camps in Kashmir remote places.
Our Pastor Kelu is doing wonderful ministry among muslims taking risk from his own people.We have given away thousands of rupees free medicines to the poor muslims and also we share the love of Jesus Christ.

Baptisms In Jammu Taawi River

Group of new believers who received baptism by Bishop Daniel
one police cop Kabir a muslim who was healed from kidney problem received baptism

Team from Kazipet along with Pastor Ravi who assisted me in giving baptisms.

Medical Camps in Jammu

Dr. Prathibha was treating a little boy sitting on his fathers lap
Dr. Srinivas our senior doctor treating the women

Jammu and Kashmir Crusades

A team of 7 members left for Jammu and Kashmir on May 18 and we reached there on 20 afternoon. We had 3 days crusades in Jammu Newplot area. Our Pastors Ravi and Dannis organised wonderful crusade. People from all sorts of faiths attended the meetings. Each night we had struggle with the weather but dear Lord gave us victory. during day time our doctors team conducted medical camps in different colonies and reached the poor people who cannot afford for the medical assistance.
many people were healed and got saved during these meetings. Thanks for your prayers and support for this ministry.

Warangal Meetings

Photos and report due

Bhadrachalam Meetings in Khammam District

Machilipatnam Meetings

Photos and report due

Katturu Meetings and Church Dedication in Krishna District

Bishop Daniel dedicating the Ecclesia Prayer hall in Katturu in Krishna Dist.

On May 5th and 6th I was in Katturu in Krishna Dist in A.P State. It was terrible summer with too much humidity on 5th I gave I st message in Machilipatam crusade organized by Rev.Dr. Immanuel Anand P and then rushed to Katturu 45 km and ministered in the crusade. Pastor David my spiritual son from our Bible school started the ministry in that village. Ist night I just preached the word and offered a mass prayer.
On 6th morning I gave baptisms for 7 people and then dedicated the 2nd church in that area. Bro David is good singer, minister and his wife both are dedicated to this ministry. That night I preached in the crusade and prayed for the sick and lots of healings which were telecasted in out TV programmes. all glory to His name, Amen

Home Going of My Older Sister Dr.Rev. Evangeline Grace

Rev.Dr.Evangeline Grace was the I st daughter of Late Apostle K.R.David one of the founders of the pentecostal movement in the State of Andhra Pradesh. India. She was born in Warangal in the year 1942 during the time of I st world war. Because of his calling Dr. David moved from place to place preaching the Full Gospel and planting Churches and Finally made his base at Rajahmundry. Mrs Grace married Rev. Samuel who was working in the Government later on resigned and came to the full time ministry but Mrs Grace worked as a Teacher and retired as an headmistress in Machilipatnam Municipality. She was a prayerful minister visited USA and UK witnessing the faithfulness of God. Gave birth to 5 daughters and 2 sons and all are blessed by the lord and are in the ministry.
She received call on april 18 2011 to her eternal home by God at age of 69 . I was in Yellandu crusade and was about to minister to the crowds received this death news. God has strenghthened me and I rushed to Machilipatnam on 19th early hours Partook in the funeral service. All my brothers and sisters came to the funeral service you can see them in the pictures. Kindly pray for the bereived family my brother in law Bishop P.Samuel, their sons Rev. Emmanuel and Rev. Daniel, and dauthers, and their families. My youngest brother Dr. Stephen married her oldest daughter came from USA and also my older Bro. Thomas from USA also were in the funeral service.

Divancheruvu Meetings in Rajahmundry

Diwancheruvu is the suburb of Rajahmudry city in East Godavari District. This is the annual convention of the local Ecclesia Church. Pastor Devasahayam who is desciple of Apostle K.R.David. is pastoring this Church. I ministered in this convention and prayed for the sick and there was mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Piduguralla crusades in Guntur area

Piduguralla is one of the Towns in Guntur District in coastal area. Pastor John Knox' is doing great ministry up there. This is our 2nd crusade in that town. I did not get the pictures of the crowd . Couple of thousands attended this crusade. Word followed signs and wonders.
When time permits I post the healing testimonies.

Easter sunrise Worship in Kazipet

Our Church Elder Bro John Bunny preciding over the service
Hundreds of people attended the service from 5 am to 7.30 am

Bishop Daniel preaching the Easter message and challenging the church to live with the power of the Resurrection.
Our Church has provided Breakfast to those people who attended the service.Download:

Huzurabad & Yellandu town crusades

Upon prayers one Lambada( Indian Gypsy) eye sight

People commiting their life to the Lord responding the alter call in Yellandu crusade
Hundreds of people giving their hearts to the Lord in Huzurabad crusade in Karimnagar district.

During April 15,16,17 My spiritual Children David Raj and Dayamani conducted a crusade in a school ground in Huzurabad Karimnagar District. Sis Edna from USA and Bro. Thomas and My wife Azuba gave messages on the Ist day and I ministered in the last 2 days. Many people got healed on each night after prayers..
During April 19, 20 and 21, we had a crusade in Yellandu of Khammam District. Pastor V. Ratnam who received baptism in 1986 served the Lord as a beleiver then resigned his job came to the ministry . He and his 2 sons also came to ministry serving the Lord in different villages of Khammam district. We had 3 days successful meetings. Sister Amshumathi Mary and myself ministered in these meetings. There was Tremendous outpouring of the Holy Spirit during these meetings All glory to the Lord. Lots of healings and many heard the healing testimonies.

April II saturday Healing Revival