Monday, November 30, 2009

New Ecclesia Church Dedication Nov 28th @ Jaffargadh

Bishop Daniel also dedicating the Pastor, J.Christopher his wife Naomi and 2 sons
Bishop Daniel offering prayer for the release of New songs CD produced by Christopher family

Dr.T.Rajaiah MLA of Ghanpur has released the CD.

On Nov 28th Bishop Daniel Dedicated the New Ecclesia Shalem Church building at Jaffargadh mandal in Warangal district. During September 1985 when there was no roads to this village Bishop Daniel as a young evangelist had his Ist gospel campaign. It almost took 24 years for us to poineer the work and to build the Church. All praises to Jesus alone.
Dedication service was precided by Rev. K.E.Joy David president to EM. Pastors Mark,Samuel prayed, Rev.Azuba, Mrs Yvonne, read the word, And Bishop Daniel offered the dedicatory prayer and cut the ribbon and the lead the congregation in to new building. Then Bishop Prayed for the Pastor J.Christophers family. Jesher and Moses gave the music for the worship. Bishop gave the message on why we should build the Church, Mr. John Bunny, Rev Joy, Pastors Prakash, Mark extended their greetings. Dr.T.Rajaiah released the New CD. Then Bishop pronounced the Benidiction and we all partook in the dinner about 700 people ate the food.

Nov 25th Christmas with the Persecuted

Bro.Anil Kumar giving Christmas cake to Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu the Chairman of Passion 4 persecuted
Mr.Franklin the General Secretary of Passion 4 persecuted giving cake to Bro.Anil Kumar

Nov 25th Christmas with the Persecuted @ Hyderabad,A.P.India

Mr.Franklin Gen.Secretary giving the report of the activities done by Passion 4 persecuted
Brothers from Kandhamal giving testimonies how they witnessed the killings of the Christians and the burning of the houses and the Church buildings
Eva,Anil Kumar delivering the message and Bishop Translating to Telugu
Brother Anil Kumar cutting the Christmas cake assisted by little girls from the bereived family

Passion for the Persecuted is a new organisation working to reach the persecuted in state of AndhraPradesh. Mr. B. Franklin Sudhakar who came up with this vision and took cooperation of Christian leaders who has the same vision to reach the persecuted.
For the last 3 years this organisation was celebrating the Christmas with the persecuted.
The very Ist time we have conducted in centenary baptist Church Hanamkonda . And in 2008 and 2009 we conducted in Secunderabad Centenary Baptist Church. We identify the persecuted for the sake of the gospel and we invite them to this special Christmas celebration. And we bless the persecuted families with the gifts and new clothes. Last year many persecuted families from Khandhamal Orissa attended this year also 4 families came from Orissa.
Mrs Karunasri Kadmiel invited the guest unto the dias and handed over the programme to Bishop Daniel. Rev. Isaac and others sang the Christmas songs. Ghanpur MLA Dr.T.Rajaiah and MlC Mr Rajeswarao, Dr. Nalla Thomas pastor of the Church, Mr Sudhir the MD of A.P Christian Minority commision and Mr. Paul Devapriyam MD of Aradana TV extended their greetings . Bishop Daniel gave the Ist message and Main message was delivered by Mr. Anil Kumar son in law of late Dr. YSR.
This meeting was concluded with the fellowship dinner about 500 people attended the service

Mrs Devavaram Cyril - Saint in Ecclesia entered Glory

Bishop Daniel conducting the Funeral service of Mrs Devavaram
Christina Johnson Eldest daughter sharing her memories with her mom
3rd Daughter Mrs Messina Ajay sharing her memories
Bishop Daniel prayed for the comfort of the berieved family and also those who served during her home going

Mrs Devavaram Cyril very faithful believer of the Lord who is the member of Ecclesia Full Gospel Church for 10 years went to be with the Lord at the age of 73, on Nov 19th in Kazipet India. Bishop Daniel and Pastor G.J.N.Babu and others conducted the Funeral service on Nov21st evening. A memorial service was conducted on Nov 23rd morning. Family and the Church gathered together and praised God for her life .Bishop precided over the service then family, friends and the ministers shared their memories with beloved Devavaram. Her daughters Christina Johnson and Messina Ajay who are working as teachers in USA shared their memories how their Mom raised them in christian faith and in the fear of the Lord even without their father as he died when the children are small. Both funeral and Memorial services went well and the name of our dear Lord was glorified.

Bishop's Aunt's Birthday in Ghanpur

Mrs K.C.Vimallamma and Pastor K.R.Jacob are the youngest sister and youngest Brother of Bishop's Father late Dr.K.R.David
Bishop's family felicitating Mrs Vimallamma

Mr.John Bunny ,Yvonne, Helen, Feeba, Gulban the family cutting the cake

Bishop Daniel precided over the thanksgiving service on Nov 15

More pictures from the Revival

Sis Merila experienced that heavy burden rolled away from her heart
Maramma healed from bodily pains
Sujatha converted from Reddy caste saved 2 years but in this revival received the Holy spirit
Kavitha finished her graduation and doing her Bible training in Eccleisa filled with the Holy Spirit

November Revival continued

Diva Krupa suffered from Kidney pain for 45 days miraculously healed
Laxmi suffered from back pain for 1 year healed miraculously
Saramma could not speak for 2 months She was released from Demonic spirits.
This young lady from Viswa brahmana caste working as a Lecturer in a Nursing college attended the revival and received the anointing of the holyspirit.

November Revival meeting at Kazipet, India

Pushpa from Kondaparthi village came and received healing from her artharitis
Rajalaxmi from Devunuru village a hindu convert received healing from Chickengunya
Vasantha Suffered from heart problem for many days received healing
Bharathi was brought to church in oct revival somebody carried her to the revival as she was paralysed but God touched her and in Nov she came by herself.

As these are last days God is pouring out His Holy Spirit on the Church than ever before.
Each month Our Church in Kazipet will have a 7 day prayer watch 7 X 24. and on the final day that is on II saturday of every month we will have a revival meeting. People who are hungry and thirsty for the Lord will fill over the santuary. Nov 14th we had this revival right from the opening prayer anointing was so strong on the Bishop and also on the Church. Many were filled with the spirit and many were healed from their sicknesses.

Jesher's Birthday Prayer meeting

Jesher Bishops Eldest son completed 24 years, as a family we celebrated his Birthday along with Church Elders and relatives.

Ecclesia Church congratulating the Bishop

A part of the Full Gospel Church congregation in Kazipet Praising God for Keeping their Bishop for 50 long years in good health.

Pastor Brad Praying over a Blessing on Bishop

Pastor Brad visiting from Immanuel's Church USA Praying for God's blessings on Bishop
Bishop's 4th brother Rev. Joy David giving Birthday Cake
Bishop's Wife Rev. Azuba gave Cake to the Husband
Rev.Azuba Bishop's Wife assisting Bishop in cutting the Birthday Cake.

Bishop's 50th Birthaday on Oct 18,

Elders of the Church Felicitating Bishop with a Big Garland of Roses
Sunday School Children with the Bishop

Deaconesses of the Church Felicitating with the Garland of Roses

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Team at Dr. Y.S.R Grave

On oct 15th morning we all went to a place called Edupulapaya the estates of YSR family 65km away from Kadapa. We all paid our tributes at his grave . Hundreds of thousands of people came to his burial on sep 5th 09. Many could not make their way to that place. That many people wanted to participate his funeral service. This is the Ist Christian funeral took place in India for a Chief minister. pray for the bereived family.

Kadapa Meetings oct 14-16

Covenors Pastors Vijay and Prabhakar welcoming Bishop Daniel and Pastor Brad
Ist Night People responded Bishops message
More than 2000 people attended each meeting
Pastor Brad's message translated by Jesher Bishop's Son.
Kadapa is the home town of our Late Chief Minister. Dr. Y.S.Rajasekhara reddy.
We had 3 day crusades oct 14,15, and 16. We had a blessed time during this crusade. The very Ist day before starting the meeting big wind current came and tried stop the meeting Our prayer worriers prayered we prayed God stopped the wind and the rain and we had a blessed start for those meetings. Myself and Pas Brad gave messages I gave alter call and prayed for the sick . Each many people received healings. Glory to God