Friday, September 23, 2011

Ecclesia MP3 Vol 3 Audio CD Release

Rev.Dr. Amshumathi Mary pronouced opening prayer for the new CD, This CD is taken out in the memory of My uncle and aunt Late Pastor K.R.Abraham and Mariamma garu He is the older Brother of Late Apostle K.R.David. Pastor Paul Abraham , Bro K.A.Steven and Sister Esther children of Pastor Abraham have unveiled the CD. and released. Please pray for that family

Gospel TV office in Gudivada

Bro Benhur MD of Gospel TV is felicitating Bishop Daniel on the inuagural service of its office

Welcome and Farewell to the Leaders of Ecclesia

Rev.K.Paul Abraham, Bro K.A.Steven and the Kazipet Church has garlanded Rev & Mrs Joy David as they have arrived from USA on Sep 7th and also they gave farewell to Bishop Daniel as he is leaving to USA

New CD Release of Grace Audios, Bro.K.Y.Ratnam

Bishop Daniel has released the New MP3 audio CD of Bro . K. Y.Ratnam a famous Christian music director who doing music ministry thru Grace Audio Studio.
He is one that makes music for all Ecclesia Audio CD.s May God bless his ministries

New Hymn Book Release of Ecclesia Sunday School Children

On September 12th sunday Rev.Joy David and Mrs Sharon has released a special Hymn book for Ecclesia Sunday School Children. Mrs Padmaja Christopher, Aruna and Shalini who worked so hard to prepare and print that book. Please pray for our Sunday School Children

Bishops Another New Audio CD Vol 21 Release

God has helped me to produce another audio album CD vol 21 Eternal Grace and was released in Gudivada Full Gospel Church By Bishop Joshua in the presence of Bishop Barnabas, Bishop Samuel, Dr. Ejra Sastry, and Dr. Immanuel anand and Bro Benhur MD of Gospel TV and Bro. Rajasekar MD. of Calvary TV
This CD is taken in memory of My Oldest Sister Late Rev.Dr.Evangeline grace wife of Bishop Samuel who slept in the lord in April 2011. Kindly pray for that family

Bishop New CD Vol 20 is Released in Hyderabad

Little Girls healing in Kovvur

Video Clippings from Kovvur Revival

More Pictures from Kovur Revival

Little girl Thanuja suffered from pain in her legs got healed
This sister was healed from Severe headache and neck pain.
This sister was healed from knee pain.

Healing Revival in Kovur AP India

Venkata Laxmi got healed from Heavyness on her chest
Gangarapu Mani experienced great light hit her and was healed from numness in the hand
Hanna mani got healed from from Utirus pain and great joy filled her heart

Maria had fallen on her wrist and suffered from pain many days got healed in the meeting

More Healings from Pallantla Healing Meeting

Her name is Ashirvadam suffered severely with joint pains can't sit, walk got healed
Satya vathi was healed from body pains
Laxmi suffered from Kidney pain from 2 years miraculously got healed

More healings from Pallantla Healing Revival

Rani was healed from pain in her utirus and was released from Fear
Sis Naomi was healed from Headache suffered from many days
Laxmi was healed from severe headache which she suffered from years

Shubhasini was healed from Artharitis

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Healing Testimonies from Pallantla Village Healing Revival

More healings from the Revival

Laxmi Healed from Heart pain suffered many days
Stomach pain healed from Nagamani

Dayamani was healed from numness in the legs

More Healings NaramVarigudem Healing Revival

Annamani was healed from Chickengunya viral fever
Sunitha was released from the demonic spirit
Rani was healed from uterus abdominal pain
Radha was healed from her back pain and general weakness


Brahmamma was healed from back pain suffered from 10 years
Swarajam was healed from demonic oppression light hit her and was slain in spirit
Dayamani was healed from burning sensation in her stomach
Her name is yesamma was healed from demonic oppression and also healed from skin rash

Monday, September 12, 2011

Bishop's New Audio CD Release in Memory of Mrs & Pastor K.R.Jacob

God has helped me to produce another audio album vol no 20, Jeevajalanadhi yese,
Jesus the Living River,I have taken this CD in memory of my Dad's youngest brother Pastor K.R.Jacob and my aunt Sharamma, This CD was released by Pastor David Raju of Yessanna's Fellowship in Hyderabad.You can see all our family members of Pastor K.R.Jacob and his youngest Sister Mrs. Vimalamma garu and also Rev.G.S.Abraham and Pastor K.Paul Abraham

House Dedication of Deacon Hemanth & Subhadra

Immanuel's Bible Colleges' PINIC