Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bishop in Ist Indian Baptist Church Atlanta

Bishop Preaching word in the Church
Rev. Avinash Raiborde and his wife praying for the Birthdays of Bro. James Kalyanapu and other church member Amanda.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Special Meeting in Atlanta with M.P.HarshaKumar

On Oct 21st we had a prayer meeting in Atlanta USA in the house of
Mr. Ramu & Sukhada regarding the birthday of their daughter and also the Bible study of Atcs.
Bro.James Kalyanapu played the accordian and sister Hepsibah and lead the worship.
Mr. Harsha Kumar Congress M.P of Amalapuram attended as special guest and also Bishop Daniel and Rev.Joseph Moses from India. Mr.M.P shared his testimony how God has saved him and elivated him to that level. we had a blessed time and Bishop Daniel Prayed over a blessing on the M.P. and finally figured out that Mr. Harsha Kumar and Bishop Daniel studied in the same school and class.

Atlanta 2 pictures will be uploaded soon

Bishop in Atlanta with Friends Mr.Sujeeth & Leena

Mr. Sujeeth and Mrs Leena have me in to their house. He and my ब्रोठेर जमेस कल्यानपु
कामे तो एअरपोर्ट एंड रेकेइएद में एंड ब्रौग्थ में तो मर्रिएता वेयर थे अरे लिविंग। वे स्तायेद इन ठिर हाउस फॉर ५ देस एंड माय सत्य वास वैरी कोम्फोर्ताब्ले एंड होमली बेकाउसे सिस लीना हस प्रेपरेड वोंदेर्फुल इंडियन एपेसिअल्ली आंध्र प्रदेश तस्तेस। थे हवे गिवें ठिर लैपटॉप वेयर इ उप्लोअदेद सम ऑफ़ टीवी प्रोग्रम्मेस तो यौतुबे । इ एन्जोयेद माय सत्य वैरी मच इन ठिर हाउस।

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bishop in First Asian Indian Church in Atlanta, GA

Report will be posted soon.

Bishop in Sun Rise Baptist Church in Lawrence Ville, GA

Report will be posted soon

In New Jersey with Older brother Thomas

On Oct 13th we celebrated the Birthday of Bro. Thomas Kalyanapu, with his Wife Sudha who arrived from India on 8th oct. Also his daughter Leela from Rhode Island participated .

Bishop in Healing Waters Church in Seldon, New york

Report will be posted very soon

Oct 8th House prayer in Piscataway

Report will be posted very soon

Bishop in Aberdeen, Mary Land, USA

On oct 5 th and 6th I came to Aberdeen and visited Mr. Mannings and Ruth his wife. I know them since 1998. They are best family friends to My Brother Col. Philip(retd) they both served
in US army. He took me to Aberdeen Proving Ground where I saw bomb tanker used during world war I & II. I amazed me how God has blessed USA to become one of the powerful nations of the world

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bishop in Immanuels Church DC

Bishop Daniel Sharing the word in the Immanuels Church Washington DC.
Bishop Daniel having lunch with senior Pastors Dr.Charles and Mrs, Dotty and Pastors Lenny and Marilyn

Bishop Along with Indian group in Immanuels presenting a special worship song

Bishop in Philedelphia

Bishop With Mrs & Mr Johnson Mittagadapa family in Richmond VA,
Bishop With Rev. Soans Pastor of Grace Trinity United Church of Christ in Philadelphia
Bishop With American flock Intercessors for India in Philadelphia

Bishop in Raweh Baptist Church

Bishop Daniel Praying for the Leaders of the Raweh Church Mrs and Bro. Pattabi
Bishop Sharing God's word in the Church

Bishop With Scotch Plains Baptist Church

Report & pictures will be posted soon

Bishop is TCF NJ on Sep 17

Bishop Daniel Sharing in the Telugu Christian Fellowship in New Jersey with Dr.David
Brother Thomas praying in the service
Dr.David Chigurupati Releasing Bishop's New Audio Mp3 Vol 4 taken in Memory of Dr.David's parents Late Santhoshamma & Premanandam and also his sister Suseela Koppula

Missions Trip to USA 2011

On Sep12th evening from 7pm to 9pm we had a special prayer meeting with my Church elders,deacons,ministerial staff. I deligated the work to them during my visit to USA.
They all prayed for my trip gave farewell to me and they all partook in fellowship supper and left.
On 13th I left Kazipet came to Hyderabad and left for USA via Mumbai a non stop flight to New Jersey . reached on 14th 8am My Brother Thomas received me in to his house.