Sunday, April 4, 2010

Medical Mission and Gospel crusades in Chandrapur Maharastra

medical camp in Jangam basti
Praying for the sick people in the crusade

Pastor Amos was interpreting my message in to hindi.

Chandrapur is one of the Big cities in Maharastra state. This city is famous for a godess Mahamkali. That was week they have special visitings to that godess and city is full of pilgrims. Thank God our Pastor Amos approached the police and got the permission to hold 2 day Gospel Crusade. hundreds of people attended and received God 's blessings. Many sick people were healed and some from demonic spirits. 2nd day there was a big strom and rain meeting was delayed by one hour but tremendous out pouring of the Holy spirit. Many people were filled with the Holy Spirit. And also we had a medical camp during day time in jangam basti a slum and also we preached the goodnews to the people who partook in the medical camp. All glory to His name for the successful mission. Thanks for your prayers and support . We need your prayers and support more than before. Please pray for our summer mission. God bless you. Bishop Daniel

Medical Mission in Mul town among drug edicts in Maharastra

Mul is a small town between Chandrapur City and Gadichoroli forest area. One young lady namely Rekha came to our Bible School. Her mother became alcoholic after her fathers death. But God miraculously saved the Rekha and came to our bible School. Started her ministry in Mul. To encourage her ministry we went there and conducted a medical camp in a slum mostly people living there are drug edicts and alcoholic. We prayed for a while and started the mission. Many people came to the medical camp and following the camp we had a gospel meeting. It is very hard to hold a gospel meeting among alcoholics because they shout scream and make noise and will hinder the meeting. But Holy Spirit took control over the area. After my message I prayed for the people and many were released from the demonic spirits and were made whole. Praise the lord.

Medical and Gospel Mission in Ghot area of Maharastra

I presented the goodnews of Jesus Christ to all the people partook in the medical camp

When I Ist came to this village years ago there was not even one Christian in this village. When I prayed for 2 young girls Varsha and Sangeetha demons came out from those girls and they were redeemed and received salvation.That following year they came to our Bible school and returned to their village now there are 25 people who came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Now more people are coming to the lord thru this medical mission. Please continue to pray.

Medical Camp in Gadchiroli District in Maharastra

I was preaching good news to the people after the medical camp
People behind the singing group participating in the medical camp on one side and gospel meeting on the other side.
No medical facilities in the interior Maharastra villages. And we reached minimum of 100 people in each village with medical supplies and with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Medical Mission in Maharastra,

Medical Mission to Interior Maharastra State

Dr. Joshua and team treating the patients in Devada village
I was praying for the people who believed in God
young evangelist Santhosh and his team singing gospel songs in a gospel meeting

I along with a medical team went to unreached places in the state of Maharastra during March 22 to 27.
God miraculously provided all we need for this mission. I always believe when we vision we will have provision.
During past few months lots of events are going on due to our silver jubilee and my finances are very much tight but I believed in Gods promises and He provided and we accomplished the mission. We traveled on our SUV this time with out our driver. God gave His grace for me so I drived all through the week visiting the interior parts of Maharastra. WE went on good roads, bad roads dusty roads and it was so thrilling driving in the jungles and forests reaching the unreached people. In these areas there will be always encounters between Maoists and Police. For some villages roads will be closed at 6pm and to some 8pm. With the special permission from the police we reached those villages. During nights while we were returning to our accomadation we are advised to turn on the cabin lights so that Moaist will not shoot or blast the vehicle. God protected us from that kind situations.
Our Ministry is supporting many Pastors and Bible women in the state of Maharastra and they helped us and took us to all these villages. Please continue to pray for us

Who will reach these unreached tribes of India?

India has more than I billion population worlds 1/6 population. out of which only 2.9% are Christians. India has more people groups than any other countries in the world. Since my calling in 1984 I have deep compassion for these unreached people living in the jungles and forests, We always make outreach trips with gospel tracts, street preachings and Film shows and making them know about Jesus Christ the only Saviour.
See this tribal man with his family. He is moving from place to place just by his bicycle. He has little tent,utensils, clothes, and also a pet Cock. All he has is on this bicycle. When I was going to a remotest village by my car I saw this man and presented the gospel. Christian concern is either to go to the missions or to give.
We have more than 500 evangelists, pastors and Bible women reaching the unreached people groups in 10 states of India. Please pray for our country and stretch forth your helping hand to continue this ministry.
Thank you and God bless you
Bishop Daniel

Need Help for 2 church buildings- Urgent

This Church building in Otai Rampur is due for the roof. Bro Phil, myself and the Pastor
This Village has no roads at all My Pastor Boaz reached this village. This church building should be completed before monsoon that is June.

In the 2nd week of March My Brother Philip and I visited the remote Koya villages in the deep forests of Warangal district, AP India. Koya is a Schedule tribe lives in the jungles. We have descipled many koyas and now some are working as evangelist, Pastors and some even as Bible women. When God called me for His minsitry I left my home and went to jungles and forests in 1984 and started my ministry among Koyas who are most unreached people group of India. Since then God has put special burden for these tribal people. Now we are in need of support to complete two church buildings among koya village. One church needs roof which will cost $ 1500-00 and another one is still at basement level needs $2500-00 to complete the construction. I requests all my friends and viewers to come forward to support this just cause.