Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healing Testimonies from Warangal Crusade

Timothy lump on the left fore arm dissappeared
Mallayya's Chicken gunya pains healed
Elisha was filled with the Holy Spirit
Dayanand healed from Chest pain

Healing Testimonies in Warangal

Shushma healed from severe stomach pain
Sukanya filled with the peace of Jesus Christ. Burden on her heart rolled away
Suguna Healed from Viral Fever
Swarupa healed from heart pain

Solomon Raju healed from 3years spondelitis

Friday, March 19, 2010

Healing Testimonies taken as Random

Mr. Laxman was possessed with demonic spirits for 11 years released and healed
This old woman had problem in her head severe pain for many days was healed
Rahela suffered from bodily pains for many days but was healed in these meetings

Saiamma was healed from spondelitis

Warangal 3 day open air crusades

Col Phil preaching in the crusade and Rev Joseph is translating the message
Bishop Daniel praying for the people.
Each night hundreds of people responded the alter call and gave their hearts to the Lord.

By God's grace we had day crusade in Warangal Social Welfare Grounds during march 11,12,13.
My spritual Son and senior Pastor of our Ministry Rev. John Mark convened these meetings with the help of his congregation. As these days are exams for schools and colleges we were afraid about it but God brought His people irrespective of religion and denomination. My Brothers from USA Mr.Thomas and family and Col Phil partook in these meetings and ministered. God used the Kalyanapu family team to reached the unreached people..Alfred , Moses , Jesher and Charles helped the crusade with music and our choir gave the new numbers and worshipped along with the local choir. Songs , Testimonies and messages reached many people. All glory to his name.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WoW what a Miracles in Jangareddygudem

Yesuratnam who suffered from Heart burns for many days was miraculously got healed
Grace Ruth's son who joined in agreement for the healing of his mothers tongue cancer came to the meeting and gave testimony how his mom got healed.
Eswarao who suffered from back pain for 15 years was miraculously got healed.

More Healings in Jangareddygudem

Yesudas healed from heart pain
Krishnaveni who suffered from pain in the leg for 10 years got healed
Nagamani who suffered from back pain for 6 years got healed
Prashanth by born had a problem in the heart got healed.
Mr Koteswarao who suffered for 6 years from back pain got healed

Healings in Jangareddigudem crusade

Savitri who had suffered from heart pain for many days was healed in the crusade
Naresh who suffered from 2 years gastric problem got healed
Durga Bhavani healed from the leg pain
Mrs Satyavathi 6 months back pain healed instantly

Mr Reddy the PA. System owner who rented his system to the crusade healed from 20 years of pain in the stomach.

Janga Reddy Gudem Crusade March 1,2,3,

Rev Phil delivering message and Bishop interpreting the same to local language
Pastor Jacob Convenor of the crusade welcoming us with the Rose garlands
People responding for the alter call

Jangareddygudem is a town in West Godavari District in A.P State India. This is 350 km away from my home town Kazipet. Pastor David Raju who has burden for that town forced us to come to that town and minister. I never saw that Pastor in person but he saw me on TV ever since he was calling me on phone to come to their town and minister. Finally we made it. On the Ist day the Ist message was given by my Brother Rev. Phil Kalyanapu and I gave the main message and prayed for the sick and many people received the healing.

Friday, March 5, 2010

More Healings from Manchiryal crusade

Deenamma healed from 10 months back pain
Latha was touched from the power of the God filled with Holy Spirit
Suseelamma was healed from the Breathing problem
Ashamma was healed from the Neck pain suffered for about 6 years
Nirmala was healed from leg pain suffered for many days and she is praising God.

We have of hundreds of healing testimonies from the crusade we just picked up some random.

Continue to pray for our crusades all thru the summer and we are also looking for prayer and supporting partners. May God bless you to be a blessing.

Healings in Manchiryal Crusade

Appamma got healed from 3 years Chest pain
Upendar was demonic possessed and was released from those spirits
Esak was also under demonic attack was delivered
Saimma was healed from artharitis suffered for many years
Soundarya was healed from Heart problem suffered for 6 years got healed in the crusade

Manchiryal Crusade Feb 25 -27 , 2010

Bishop Daniel challenging the respondents to commit thier lives to Jesus
Rev.philip Kalyanapu delivering the message and Jesher Kalyanapu is translating the message.

We had very wonderful 3 day Gospel Healing and Revival Crusade in a High School grounds beside Bus Station of Manchiryal Town in Adilabad District, A.P. India.
The convenors continuesly received threating phone calls to cancel the meetings. This town has predominantly anti christian religious fanatics. Our dear lord helped us to go thru those situations and we had successful meetings. The chief convenor Pastor Samuel is my spiritual son. He received Baptism in one our conventions in Kazipet and then he moved to this backward district..
Now is the President for the Pastors Fellowship of Adilabad District..
Up on their invitation we went there and conducted successful meetings and many thousands heard the gospel and hundreds of people received salvation and also healing.
Along with me my 2nd Brother Col Philip Kalyanapu ministered in these meetings and my son Jesher interpreted his messages in to telugu. . And also Alfred and Jesher gave the music and our choir Jyotsna, Sridevi,Rebeca,Swarupa sang the gospel songs and also worshipped the Lord.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wedding of Thomas Kalyanapu and Sudha Vardhini

Bro Thomas presenting the wedding ring
Mrs Jyotsna James Kalyanapu presenting wedding saree
Rev.Dr. D.J. Jeremiah solemnized the wedding and presenting the certificate
Ministers and the couple on the Stage

My older brother Thomas Kalyanapu, Founder and Hon President of Ecclesia Ministries was all alone for 2 years after the demise of my sister in law Mrs. Dayamani Thomas .
on Feb 18 at 9am in Visak the engagement was conducted between Thomas and Sudha in midst of Relatives and friends by me in Visakapatnam. My Brothers Philip, James, Joy were present in this ceremony. At 11 am wedding was commenced and I precided over the programe. After sing song, Bro James Kalyanapu prayed Then Rev. B. R.Ananda Kumar gave the God's Message and Rev. Dr. D.J. Jeremiah solemnized the wedding. Bishop P. Spurgeon offered the dedicatory prayer. Bishop Sudhir, Rev. Dr. Ishakar and Rev, Dr, Simon Peter and Col Philip Kalyanapu and Dr. Peter Pilli shared the word of greetings. Mrs Jaya Vardini's brother extended the vote of thanks and the service was concluded and all the guests partook in the dinner. Thank God for This Family.