Monday, March 25, 2013

Medical Mission in Srinagar- Kashmir

Medical Mission in Srinagar - Kashmir

Journey by the side of Snow mountains in Kashmir

Medical Mission in Udhampur- Kashmir

Medical Mission in Katra

Mission Katra - Kashmir March 15 - 17

We had 3 day gospel meetings in Katra in Beershebha  Church, our Pastor Ravi coordinated these meetings
with the host pastor Stephen. We had about 300 people in each meeting. Pastor Brad and I ministered the word and prayed for their blessings. Many were healed and released  from their sicknesses.
All glory to God. Amen

Mission Punjab March 2013- Chotepur

Mission Punjab March 2013

We reached Pathankot on March 14th . Pastor Vinodh received us. Then he  took us to
Manasa village. We had a free medical camp about 400 people were treated and were given free medicines
for their sicknesses. Dr. Srinivas, Dr. prathibha and Pharmacist Lalitha and Mark dispensed the medicines.
The lord's name was glorified. That evening in the gospel outreach myself and Pas Brad from USA ministered the word. please pray for this ministry.