Monday, April 20, 2009

Church Under a tree in Kondaparthi Village

Bishop with a Village Church on April 19th who are worshipping under trees. The Pastor of that church was in yellow color shirt namely Mark and woman beside him was his wife Debora. Both were baptised and descipled by the Bishop. Upon the request of Pastor Mark Bishop Distributed the Holy Bibles to the New converts.

They are in desperate for the church building. They have started constructing the church but they need money to finish it off. If you are lead by the lord kindly extend your helping hand to building the churches.

Healing Testimonies from Huzurabad convention,

We had 2 days annual convention in Huzurabad in Karimnagar distrist Pastor D.David Raju is the Ecclesia Pastor , Inspite of political elections and disturbances God helped us out to hold these meetings successfully. We are only showing some testimonies.
Ankusamma Healed from 6 months artharitis

Kanakamma healed from 2 years joint pains

Healed from deafness

Srinivas healed from spondilitis

Rajamani suffered with pain in uterus

Huzurabad Annual convention April 17 and 18

Daveedu an old man was healed from severe rhuematic pains

Tumor disappeared

Suffered 6 months with back pain spent much money on doctors but got healed in Huzurabad crusade

Teja healed from artharitis

Suffered from abdominal pain for 3 months attended Huzurabad crusade and received healing

Healing Testimonies from Hyderabad Revival

Balraj suffered from Knee pain for many years received healing in Hyderabad Revival

Venkatesh was healed from severe back pain and leg pain

Sulochana healed from Asthma

Manamma healed from I year leg pain

II Sunday Revival at Hyderabad on Easters evening

Hyderabad II sunday revival was a great blessing to the city in particular to the one who participated. Jesher and Alfred lead the choir . Bishop Daniel gave an easter message . And lead the congregation in to prayer of consecration . And there was a revival out break and many filled with the Holy spirit.

Parishodamma received great peace of God in her heart

Vijaya was also delivered from demonic spirits

Laxmi possessed with demonic spirits and suffered for 15 years. She got delivered from the demons

Shambaram healed from wrist pain

Shakunthala was filled with the Holy spirit when Bishop Prayed in Hyderabad Revival

Easter Sunrise Worship New Books Release

Bishop Daniel leading the worship

We had this service in our convention grouds. We had the service from 5 am to 7.30 am.
In this picture all the saints were worshiping and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord.

Pastor Azuba was praying for the New books written by Bishop

The "living Christ" The New book released the Ist copies were given to these young ladies in the church

Dwelling under His wings the Ist copies of that book was given to the working young boys
That day our church has provided Breakfast to all that big crowd of the congregation.

April 11th revival , Healing Testimonies

Nirmala from Darga village healed from Neck pain

Ratna from Tharalapalli village healed from chest pain

Sis Maria a Gypsy woman healed from severe fever was brought from the hospital received healing

Laxmi from reddypuram village healed from Neck pain

Saramma from Nadikuda village which is 50 km came to the service healed from severe headache

April 11th II saturday Revival

Pastor Azuba was preaching God's word in the Revival

Raju from Bommakallu village which is 40 kms attended the revival and received healing from stomach pain

Nirmala from Wadepalli village healed from spondilitis

Friday, April 3, 2009

Some More Healing pictures from Mothkur convention

Renuka, Healed from 2 years severe headache

Semone healed from one year back pain

Andreyya, Kurella village healed from one year body pains

Papaiah from Anashapuram healed from back pain and knee pain

Swamidas from Sudhalla healed from severe neck pain for 3 months.
God is doing wonderful things in our ministry.
We need more prayer and supporting partners to win India for Christ.
God bless you.
Bishop Daniel

Vinodha-Sudhala 2 years ear pain healed.

Muthaiah-Patimatla village healed from 2 years joint pains

Papamma- Anashapuram village healed from 2 years artharitis

Ratna- Jagathgiri, 3 years back pain healed

Yesudas- Sudhala village healed from 5 years ulcers

More Healing Testimonies from Mothkur

Daveedu,Mothkur healed from Body pains

Muthaiah- Mothkur healed from knee pain
Vazramma-Mothkur healed from throat chocking

Neelamma, Healed from 7years spinal pain as she had surgery 7 years ago.