Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Full Gospel Church Silver Jubilee celebration FEB 14

John Bunny one of the Elders Garlanded Bishop Daniel couple with large Mint garland
Bishop leading the praise and worship
Thousands of people worshipping the Lord in the silver Jubilee meeting

on Feb 14th sunday as a church we celebrated the God's goodness during the years.
WE had a vibrant worship Alfred, Moses, Isaac and Sampath played the Music our Choir joined me in worshiping God in Truth and in Spirit. Pastor Brad gave the Ist brief mesage and Dr. Charles gave the message on Breakthrough. How God Jehovah is Master of Break thrus, and he gave a prophetic message that 2010 is the year of Break through for EM and Full Gospel Churches India. Dr. Charles released the Silver Jubilee Souvenir , Bro Thomas, and Col Philip released the new books I wrote. Children and Pastors and family presented some songs and Poems on silver Jubilee. Dr. Charles has presented an Honor award plaque from Immanuels Church Washington DC awarding Bishop Daniel Kalyanapu as an Apostle of God sent by God to Kazipet. I will be posting more pictures from Photographers

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Children in Ecclesia Full Gospel Church

Sunday School Children singing a Song that when will India be won for Jesus.
Junior class from sunday school presenting a welcome song.


11 class group with my family,Dr.Charles,Pas Brad, Col Philip and Bro.Thomas
Marching up to the Graduation venue

Students taking an oath that they will continue in the ministry

Immanuel's Gospel Training centre was Started in the year 1999 with the help of Dr. Charles founding Pastor of Immanuels Church Washington DC. Since then 10 classes were commissoined for the gospel of our Lord. This year we had the 11th graduation service. I precided over the service with the help of my son Jesher one of the faculty and also with rest of the Faculty.
We had the convocation picture and also the procession of the Directors, guests, Faculty and the students, Alfred Moses lead the praise and worship. Pastor Brad the exe- pastor Immanuels Church DC, Bro Thomas, USA, Col Philip shared the greetings and finally Dr. Charles gave a challenging message for the students and also to all the ministers. Then they took oath for the ministry.Then all the clergy poured out oil upon their head and prayed and commissioned them for the ministry. They we presented mementos, Shields for the winners in the sports and games.And finally they received their certificates for their successful completion of CTh.
Then we all partook in a good feast. All glory and praises to His matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Pastors and Ministers Conference Feb 9 - 11, 2010

All the Ministers are hearing the God's Word
Ministers conference in Ecclesia Full Gospel Church Kazipet A.p. India
Bishop Daniel Teaching in the Session
Senior Pastors Welcoming Ecclesia Founder and Hon President Bro Thomas
Bishop Daniel Welcoming the Main speaker Dr. Charles.

This is the Silver Jubilee year of Full Gospel Church Kazipet. We had our Pastors and Ministers and Bible Woman conference at EM Full Gospel Church from Feb 9 thru 11th. Pastor Charles from Immanuel's Church Washington DC is the Main speaker could not make it on the Ist day due to snow storm in USA. on 9th myself, Pastor Brad, Rev. Philip and Bro Thomas and Rev. Ananda Kumar took the teaching on the Ist day ie FEB 9th. Ministers and Pastors of Ecclesia from different states of India partook in the conference. On 10th and 11th Dr. Charles took the teaching on "Building according to the patron of apostles" from the book of Acts and challenged the ministers to accelerate the ministry and to prepare the Church for the return of Jesus Christ.

More Pictures from the Kalyanapu wedding

Mrs Jayamani John and Mrs Sthuthi Keerthan wife of Bishop of Medak CSI church helping the couple in cutting cake.

After 26 years all the 6 sons of apostle KRDavid came together for this wedding. Thomas Newjersey, Philip Stafford Va, James Atlanta, Joy of Jangaon, Daniel of Kazipet and Stephen of Richmond VA,

Bishop Solemnizing Lilian and Kiran 's Wedding FEB 3rd

Bishop Daniel Solemnizing the wedding
Kiran, Lilian and congregation worshiping the Lord
Rev. philip greeting the couple and congregation and Rev. Anand translating in to Telugu
Rev. Joy father of Lilian and the wedding host extending the vote of thanks

On Feb 3rd at Ecclesia Ministries Full Gospel Church Jangaon at 11.30 am I solemnized the wedding of my niece Lilian daughter of my 4 th Bro Rev. Joy. The programme was precided by Rev. Philip Kalyanapu Retd Col US army . Kiran is from Gajula Family from Hyderabad. Kiran is a scientist in USA and Lilian is software engineer in USA. All the Kalyanapu's related families attended the this great event. Wedding was performed in the small chapel and then the service continued in the school ground. Bishop Spurgeon gave the message. Rev. Ananda Kumar, Bro Thomas kalyanapu gave their greetings . mrs KM John and Mrs Sthuthi Keerthana wife of Rt Rev. Samuel K. Prasad Bishop of Medak diocese helped couple to cut the cake and also blessed them. Many Pastors and CSI Presbyters partook in the wedding and blessed them. About 2000 people partook in the banquet and it was a great wedding of Kalyanapu's.
My Bro Rev. Joy and my Sister in law Mrs Sharon extended their thanks to all who attended.

Bishop's New books released in the Kalla meetings

Rev. Isaac is releasing the book of Samuel and Samson's annointing

Rev. Joshi Releasing the book named overcoming the flesh

Bishop at Kalla covention

God has bestowed His grace and wisdom up on me so that I could write 7 books in USA 2009.I used to preach on sundays and write books on the rest of days. My USA trip was 6 weeks and God helped me to write 7 books. All glory to our God. It needs lot of money to print and release books. Thank God we have a printing press but we need the money for the paper and the staff.
Kalla is a village in West Godavari District near Bhimavaram town. For the Last 4 years pastor Isaac one the senior Pastors who got saved in my Dad's ministry 50 years ago is the doing wonderful ministry in Kalla. Great ministers of God will come to minister. And I got oppurtunity of ministering there. More than 10,000 people attend that convention. Each night I prayed for the thousands of needy people and also the sick many were blessed. One testimony of a woman who had cancer and both her brests were removed and she was so desperate for divine touch and she came to the meeting and word of knowledge came and I called her to the stage and she came then I prayed over her and cancelled the assignment of the devil. Then she came in next day and gave testimony that all the pain in that cancer had gone .Most probobly I will post the pictures of the convention afterwards. Glory to God

Republic Day of India Jan 26th 2010

This year we are previleged to have our Brothers Thomas Kalyanapu Founder of Ecclesia Ministries and my 2nd Brother Philip Retd Col us Army republic day celebration. Children in our orphanage and also students in the Bible school and the staff partook in the event. Bro Thomas Hoisted the Indian flag and Col Philip and myself gave speeches on Indian Independence and real deliverance from Jesus Christ and also the eternal promise of Glorious Independence in Romans 8th chapter. Jesher and other faculty also partook in the event.