Monday, September 14, 2009

A Great Loss to the State of Andhra Pradesh

The country of India had lost its one of the State Chief Ministers namely Dr.Y.S.Raja Sekhara Reddy from the State of Andhra Pradesh. He is very potential political leader introduced many schemes for all catogiries of people. In last may elections he and the congress party had won for the IInd time and also he became Chief Minister for the second time. And he is a Christian and he started helping Christianity and the Church in many ways.
On Sep 02 around 9 am his helicopter crashed in Nallamalla forests he along with other 4 officials died in this mishap. when people of A.p heard this news about 70 people committed suicides and died and other 400 people had a heart attache and died. Never in the History it happened when the political leader died accidentally. Kindly pray for our state that God will keep everything in control.