Friday, February 25, 2011

Partook in IPC Daimond Jubilee Conventions

On the Ist day of the Convention ie on Feb 2nd, All the Children of the IPC Founders in AP were invited to Vijayawada to partake in the Daimond Jubilee celebrations of the IPC. It was joyous occasion. The grand son of Apostle PM. Samuel REv.Dr. Noel Samuel has precided over the convention. The grand of Apostle P.T.Chaco Rev. Valson Abraham from USA gave the message and they felicitated

A great Gospel and Healing Meetings in A.P

During January 25 to 28. Pastor Isaac in Kalla village near Bhimavaram have conducted a big meetings. Each meeting was attended minimum of 10,000 people.
Great ministers like Dr. P.Joshi, Rev. A.D. Sikhamani and myself ministered in those meetings.
On the last 2 days 27th and 28th I Preached the word and prayed for the masses. Lots of healings and deliverances from the demons have taken place. Also the messages were recorded for my TV likely to be telecasted in March and April.
I will upload the pictures afterwards. Please pray for that ministry.

A great Gospel and Healing Meetings in A.P

During January 25 to 28. Pastor Isaac in Kalla village near Bhimavaram has c

Our 26th Wedding Anniversary

Bible college Students felicitating us in the class room
My Brother Thomas and his wife Sudha felicitating on the occassion

Children helped us in cutting the cake

On January 11 Myself and Azuba have celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary . We have invited our Church elders deacons, deconesses and also few ministers who are ministering in the Kazipet mother church and also about 100 inmates from our orphange and also from Bible college.

It was the time to give thanks to God for His goodness. And also we had little fun with my family especial my grand children. I give all glory and honor to His holy name.

More Pictures from the New year Service

Daniel looking over the serving of the food

Bro. John Bunny preciding over the service

Our New Year Thanksgiving service

First of all I must ask all my viewers apology for not updating my blog due to so many reasons
God is so faithful bestowed His grace on our family and we enetered in to 2011.
We had very wonderful and blessed New Years Thanks giving service. We have erected a big pendal out side the worship center. That before commencing the service we had the baptismal service for the new believers. I personally gave the baptisms about 25 men and woman.

The service was precided by Bro John Bunny one of the Elders of the Church. Pavon ,Jesher Moses and Charles led the music band and choir led the Praise and Worship. My Bro. Thomas from Usa shared the greetings and some other elders then my wife Pastor Azuba gave the Ist message. Our girls sang some special songs and then I gave the main message and challenged the church to walk in the newness of life with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then we gave the offerings, partook in the holy communion and also every body took New years promises. Then our Church elders prepared a love feast for 3000 people including children.