Monday, December 29, 2008

Jangaon Town Christmas

Local political leader extending greetings

Fr.REddy extending greetings

Bishop Daniel preaching the Christmas message

Ecclesia choir singing Christmas songs

Dec 18th Jangaon town in warangal District celebrated an interdenomination united Christmas. Catholics, protestants such as Baptist, pentecost, brethern and other independent churches came together and celebrated the Birth of Jesus Christ,Rev.Joy DAvid made all the arrangements and his son Alfred gave the music. Ecclesia choir from Kazipet sang new Christmas songs. Rev John and Rev Philip the baptist Pastors and their congregations presented special songs.Rev Fr.REddy Extened the greetings and Priest of St Peter and St Paul prayed over for the occation. Bishop Daniel gave wonderful message about the Birth of Jesus with all the evidences such as Prophetical evidence, Historical eveidence, Telestrial evedence and Biological evedence.
About 1000 people attended the meeting and more in the neighbourhood heard the gospel.

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