Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Berieved wifes who lost husbands in Orissa, Kandhamal

This Sister's Husband and Mother in law was burnt alive in front of her but she escaped and survived from the Hindu snippers.

This sister is also from orissa Kandamal whose husband was chopped in to pieces. She escaped and survived from the attackers .

This sister's husband was beheaded and the body was found in the bushes .
AS you know they all left their State orissa and were hiding in the Andhra Pradesh state boader villages.
Bro Anil Kumar has promised to build some houses to the one who lost in Kandhamal district roits.
WE have taken a special offering to the persecuted from Orissa.
The simple reason for these attacks was they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord leaving the pagan gods . Kindly pray for these people. Ecclesia Ministries has also helped this event for buying of New clothes to the persecuted and also Bishop has distributed New Audio CD to all the participants as a Christmas gift.

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