Friday, August 28, 2009

India's 63rd Independence day Flag hoisting

On August 15th 2009, We in Ecclesia campus observed the 63rd Independence day along with Bible college students, Children in the Orphanage and the staff including the Bishop's Family.

Mr Jesher kalyanapu Dean of the Bible College precided over the meeting. pastor J.Samson lead the praise and worship. Children sang the Indian prayer songs. Bishop Daniel D.Kalyanapu hoisted the Indian flag and gave the message of Independence,Liberation and the true deliverance comes from the Lord Jesus Christ from John 8: 31 -36.

pastor Azuba Kalyanapu offered the concluding prayer. Then we all had snacks and disbursed.
Are you really experiencing redemption? Jesus Christ is the only Redeemer thru Him we can be liberated from the Sin, Sickness and Satan. God bless you

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