Friday, September 26, 2008

Letter from Bro Paul Kashmir

Kashmiri Christians Critical in Kashmir valley
Dear Prayer Partners from last three months we are facing much problems in the valley , as again the year 1990 came when they started jihad,
this problem came from amaranth shrine board and fire all over the valley and also Jammu started another struggle , due to this problem , we
kashmiri believers are facing much problems.All the parties joint hands with each other such as.JKLF. AMAMI MUSLIM LEAGE, HURRIET CONFERENCE, AND JAMATIS, Sikh people also joint hands with them. The problem came large
and still struggle will go for three months more.Here was curfew, now total shutdown. The people their community serves their own people Sikh people serves their own Sikhs, while I see all
people serve their own people.Our missions, who have come in the valley for services, some have left the valley.We Local Kashmiri people where we can go. In Jammu Hindus burnt alive most of Kashmiri. We have 85 families all over valley and they don’t
have food in their house. I Appeal /Request to your good self to provide Relief / Ration for the given families. We need urgent materials.1. Rice2. Atta 3. sugar4. Gas5. Dals When you hear news of Kashmir the India channel; don’t show real picture of the valley. You can go to our local news papers you will find real
situation in the valley you can log Kindly pray and keep us in your prayers. Pastor Paul Augustine

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